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Sandy Hollow

Started by 1-32, November 30, 2020, 05:48:23 PM

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Morning Carlo.
No, it is not cast it is a cylinder , the process follows how concrete form workers do skylights in concrete roofs. There is an inside round shape and an outside round form the gap is about 4 mm . You pour your plaster into the gap wait a few hours then remove the outside form then you will have a hollow cylinder. Apply pressure by squeezing the hollow cylinder to get the cracking at this point the plaster usually falls off. The secrete is getting the right plaster and how much pressure is applied I use dental plaster. I have spent the last week doing one a day the workbench is a mess went as far as fabricating reinforced steel -wire that the plaster was poured around. The result was really strong just like the real thing and when you try the cracking it will not work .


I just remembered I took some pictures of the reinforced steel version it was so hard I could not crack it . The effect I wanted was where the plaster would crack exposing the wire it did not work into the bin. The basic process is the same for all of them now I know why they put aggregate in cement to bind around the steel will I go that far?


This construction is very nice .
Thank  you for this technique kim !


Again many thanks to everybody for your interest.
Moving along The house on stilts is basically finished and now is waiting for its position on Sandy Hollow, so now it is time for the final layout.
Sandy Hollow is a shelf switching layout 2100 mm long by 350 mm wide or 7 foot long by 1 foot 2 inches wide.
The view on the kitchen bench is 2 feet or 600 mm short this will be taken up by a roadway between the 2 buildings and 2 shunting necks. The railway yard has a runaround and a siding or spurs servicing a gravel loader but with this building where do I start the last 2 photos. This is going to be a great build have these 2 photos for reference so I will build to suit the space.
For all those who celebrate Christmas happy days and to the rest happy holidays.


Are you keeping the layout in your kitchen because you're planning to sauté it or something?

The two houses side by side along with the gravel loader will make a terrific scene. The first house was excellent; the second is just stunning. The addition of a gravel loader will result in a stunning layout, conceptually maybe the best I've seen from you.

Very adequate so far.


Les Tindall

That gravel loader is going to provide lots of inspiration and interesting modelling techniques. Keep us posted!


Kim, great and I'm particularly excited about the gravel loading.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal

Lawton Maner

Heath and safety will be by the first of the week to inspect the new building and then wrap it in yellow caution tape.

WP Rayner

Great stuff Kim... really looking forward to your creation of the gravel loader.

Also wondering how you're going to work the toaster into the scene...  ;)

Whisky Workbench
Geal 'us dearg a suas!

Bill Gill

Kim, definitely the gravel loader is going to "Crush" the diorama  ;D
Will the loader still be...um... in service on the diorama or 'retired'?
I love the diagonal poles holding it all upright.
What's the 4 blade propeller in the water at the end of the dock? I must've missed that before.


It just gets better - That gravel loader thing I don't think the health and safety man ever come near it - but it looks great
Never Let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything
Stuart McPherson


Hi Everybody thank you for your comments
Yes, the kitchen scene let's face it every kitchen needs a model or two but in this case, it was convenient the rest of the apartment is full. I have a shelf that is about the right height off the floor but I find that they need to be dustproof. Dust proofing is having a roof and having a roof leads to lights and off we go .
Yes, the gravel loader is saying , model me ok but how do you work it is not my picture. If it was me I would be over the fence and filling up a memory card with pictures. It is somewhere in Australia but that is not much good all I can make out is there is a conveyor system coming from a process plant. There are elements that make it unique and with the space available it will be interesting to see how they can be reproduced , the next step is dust proofing and laying out the real estate.
all the best Kim


Kim, your concrete water tank is incredibly well done. But I'm also really excited about the gravel loader. I'm sure it will be another masterpiece.


Ray Dunakin

The stilt house looks fantastic, and the two houses together really compliment each other! The gravel loader looks like it will fit right in, visually and architecturally.
Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Hi Kim

The main source of motivation for me as a model builder is recreating the world I know in small scale. Without doubt, there are a countless interesting subjects all around the world. But - let us be honest – the most convincing models here are from guys like you that know their environment, their homeland ever since.
I doubt wether I would be able to create a building of your country in such an atmospheric way, simply because I live here in Switzerland  and I cant' t feel, smell, experience your country every day.

That's why I love your latest work so much – it's so genuine!
(Hmm, difficult to describe for a German-speaking guy,-)

Cheers, Peter

"Siplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo Da Vinci-