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1/35 scale civilians -- figures

Started by Malachi Constant, August 30, 2010, 08:02:47 AM

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Dallas,     Thanks for the info ;)    I have some of the SLM 1/24 figures and i really them.

Ray Dunakin

Wow, great work, especially painting the details of that print fabric!
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Malachi Constant

Thanks guys -- the floral print turned out to be relatively easy.  Just went at it like Monet's garden ... lotsa dots!   :)

Tried a variety of brushes and a variety of paint color sequences and practiced on some colored paper (shown above) that was similar to the dress color.  A very ragged out old #0 shader ended up making nice shapes ... touch to the paint, tap a few times on paper, then on to the dress.  Did light yellowish-green first, followed by deeper green, pink and white.  And, just like the Monet, if you look TOO close it's just a bunch of crazy little dots ... but looking at the whole, it gives the impression of a detailed floral print.

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
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