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Preac Table Saw

Started by finescalerr, April 22, 2021, 09:37:26 PM

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A woman I've never heard of asked a valid question. I'm uncertain whether she belongs on our forum but at least I can try to answer her question:

"I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of replacing the ball bearings on a Preac table saw. I can't find a replacement motor; Charlie Files, I think has passed away...Grainger has a 1/8 HP motor but the size of appears to be different in the drawing vs. my motor, and I don't really want to upgrade to the 1/3 HP option that I found from some one in MA."

If anyone happens to have a clue, I'll send her a note. And, if she's a modeler who belongs on our forum, we may hear from her in person and see what she builds.



First we need to define what is needed here...first the bearings are mentioned, then the motor. The Preac has a totally separate motor mounted behind the saw. That drives, via a belt, the saw. So are the bearings in the motor bad(I think less likely) or the bearings that are on the saw arbor? Replacing the motor on these looks easy(for me anyway) and I'm sure the bearings in the saw arbor would not be too bad to do either. How about a picture or two pointing out exactly what the problem is?


Thanks. I will send your post to her and see what she says. -- Russ

Lawton Maner

       Ball bearings are a standard item which are clearly marked on the outer casing.  My first thought is to recommend that she take the saw to a local sewing machine repair shop as they are experienced in working on fractional horse power electric motors.  They might be able to find a replacement for the motor.
    Additionally there might be the manufacturer's name and stock number attached to the frame.  If so, the manufacturer will be able to advise where or even if the motor can be repaired.  They will be able to tell her who could work on the motor or what a replacement will cost.

     After looking at pictures of the style of saw, it looks quite like my modeling saw which is from Byrnes.  She might be able to get help from him.  http://www.byrnesmodelmachines.com/tablesaw.html

    This ain't rocket science!


between all of us we can get her going...get some more specific info first then we can take it from there


Thanks, guys. I sent her Paul's initial questions this morning. If she responds we'll know she was serious.

Most people who want to join the forum get angry and/or intimidated when I ask for photos of their modeling and explain we're sophisticated modelers and constructively criticize each other's work. In her case, we'll see whether she is willing to go to the trouble of furnishing more information. I've heard nothing from her for about 12 hours. Had it been me, I'd have been checking my e-mail twice or three times a day.



The Lady is probably Tamara.  Goes but the name of Weekend miniaturist. She is the main administrator of Fine Miniaturists Forum, posted by The International Guild of Miniaturists, AKA IGMA or the Guild.
She recently mentioned the Preac restoration posted on Westlake, but she has not mentioned anything about bearings.  Looking at my Preac I don't see any problem removing the spindle and replacing a bearing.  However I fail to see the need to do so unless the saw has been allowed to rust or such. My Preac is one of the first ones and is over 20 years old. It has had heavy usage over those years. Still runs like a charm.

Bill Hudson
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get up ten.

Lawton Maner

This begs the question: which bearings?  Are they the motor bearings or those on the shaft which drives the blade? 


I'm unsure where it leaves us but here's her reply:

"I ordered a book for small motor repair Friday from Amazon.

"I have removed the saw from below the table, and I do not see any bearings; I have not removed the pulley from the assembly yet, as I need a much smaller hex key which is with my lathe tools in my workshop.

"I have removed the motor from the wooden base, but I have not taken the case off the motor yet.  The motor is at least engaging when I have removed the belt, sometimes it purrs as it should sound, and sometimes it sounds terrible; an $88 motor + tax isn't going to break the bank, but I will trouble shoot after receiving the book."