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Srap yards

Started by Les Tindall, February 25, 2019, 08:20:21 AM

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Les Tindall

Another scrap yard!!  I seem to be working in parallel with Barney with scrap yards, though his (superb stuff) is in 1/16th, mine in 16mm (1/19th) Along with the "Rusty Ruston" (see "Gallery") I have put together a few other items.  A scratch built scrap wagon (often used in UK quarries) and a "work wagon" based on a photo of a home-built wagon on a peat line in the northeast of England. It uses a Binnie Engineering chassis, Ozark(it think) compressor and Trenarren Models Oxy-acetylene bottles, plus some "junk" from the bits box.  Scrap yards are lots of fun, anything goes (or not go - just rusts away!) 


Lawton Maner

     The wheeled bin reminds me of the scrap bins in the shipyard I worked in 50 years ago.  They would be lifted to the deck of the ship by the fittings in the corners and as remember, were color coded as the what was supposed to go into them.  They were able to be connected together into short "trains" once back on the pier and would be pulled by a "tug" identical to the tugs used to move aircraft around the carriers.  Make a couple more and load them with junk!  The torch could also be mounted on one to make it easier to move about while cutting up things.

Ray Dunakin

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