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1:35 feldbahn project

Started by jacq01, August 27, 2013, 02:16:47 AM

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Wonderful artistry Marcel.  Textural sensory overload.  So much story just in a small section of wall.

Nice to see your name on a forum again Jacq...unfortunate to hear you in hospital again, but good also to hear you getting out occasionally as well.  Always get a little bit excited when one of your postings appears here, to see where this great little project is up too.

Nick...where you been???  I'm sure you can manage better than dogsbody.  Someone is also needed for the role of chief cook and bottle washer, as well as a head of heavy lifting and moving.

Enjoy the forthcoming trip to Ontraxs gents.



I followed the link and the photos there are truly huge. Confident modellers can show off their work full screen and you still can't tell it's a model. BTW the screen size is a 27" iMac so the image is massive. Check it out - worth the effort.
Ian Hodgkiss
The Steamy Pudding - an English Gentleman's Whimsy in 1:24 scale Gn15 (in progress)
On the Slate and Narrow - in 1:12 scale (coming soon)
Brisbane, Australia


Regards, Hauk
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Remembrance Of Trains Past

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Actually dogsbody is my role. Nick should at least ask before making me redundant.

More to the point... Ontraxs is the premiere for our new 1/35 project. Thousands flocked through the entrance and waited in long queues to get their first glimpse of this much heralded master work. And here is what they saw:




About 5 minutes in...found some very beautifully detailed scene.  Wonderfully modelled Marcel!


Chuck Doan

"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt



 Interest in modeling is returning after a long struggle with doctors, surgery and pain.

The final verdict is that my hands and fingers will start doing again what I want them to do, so modeling will be possible again  ;D ;D
The use of my legs is a different story, normal walking or pushbiking will not be possible. I have to use a walker to get around.
During all the clinical investigations, they discovered heart problems I was not aware of. 2 long sessions in hospital resulting in tests, tests and tests. They found nothing serious......
They are not able to help with the ( neurological)pain in my legs without medicines with nasty side effects, so....................
It had a large impact on my mental resilience.
My life has settled down a bit, living the last 2 years without my wife and organising my interests again was not easy.

18-19 October show in Leuven (B) where I will see my friends again, Marcel, Alan, Nick, Ronald and John, plus many more.
I am controling and repair where necessary the modules.

Also took up the 1:35 project.
A carpenter will assemble my modules so I can start on the landscaping and buildings.
I have started soldering the skips and painting the loco's. Too long since I used the resistance soldering unit and the airbrush.

Progress will be a bit slower as usual, as I also have to take care of all the household work.

Glad I am able to return to a surroundings that appeared lost for me.

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Good to see you back.  Here's hoping you can get back to a normal routine.
Take care of yourself.
Will be looking for some of the beautiful work your do.

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George Carlin


I was concerned about you, Jacq. I am glad you are able to model again and that you have posted something. -- Russ


Welcome back!
even though you never really left!


Nice to see you back looking forward to your new venture

Ray Dunakin

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