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Remember the Days

Started by johngeigle, June 07, 2012, 05:17:02 PM

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hi Guys,
My first posting here this is a diorama I just finished mostly scratch built in 1/16th scale


Clever and really well done. Thanks for bringing it to us. Welcome.


Very cool and unique subject. Nicely built, painted, and presented. Like the touch of the cannon ball that fell through the wood decking. Thanks for sharing.

What materials did you use to build this? (Decking and carriage appear to be real wood, and I assume the cannon is resin?)

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....



The seagull is a nice touch. -- Russ

Andi Little

Hello John ...............

For a first post that should get everyone's attention, you're no newbie I'll be bound?

I particularly enjoy the tale you tell with the kids doing the whole pirate thing, particularly the paper hat and wooden sword on the boys.
Great paint and texture, and with a sympathetic eye for detail. My only crit' would be that while it has a good central storyline it lacks a greater context. A bit like looking at a picture that has been torn from a storybook.

PS ............... If you're new you might not realise we're allowed to make constructive observations here!! Just so you don't think I'm being snippy.

An impressive first post and one that you will have to top next time round - I started very poorly and improve hardly at all, it saves me the angst.

Well done.
KBO..................... Andi.


Great little scene - made me smile!
Ever since I got my lathe I have wanted to build a cannon, but I would make mine work!

shropshire lad


Thanks for the great comments. Andi, I was trying to get that bit of a story look thanks for noticing.
I have been thinking of a whole series of whimsical dioramas hat take me back to my childhood when
we played on the cannons or trains in the park.You know all the places that were not allowed to go to today.
The decking is real wood so is most of the carriage and the Cannon was part of the Verlinden kit until I broke the end of the barrel off trying to drill it so I turned a new one out of the old parts.