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My coal mine scale 1:22.5

Started by Design-HSB, May 05, 2011, 05:45:40 AM

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Yes there's definitely a market for good looking grids!

Amazing attention to detail.
Ian Hodgkiss
The Steamy Pudding - an English Gentleman's Whimsy in 1:24 scale Gn15 (in progress)
On the Slate and Narrow - in 1:12 scale (coming soon)
Brisbane, Australia


The grates are great! ;D So much better than just the typical flat PE often used for such items.

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

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Correction to your post: You already ARE at the level of others on this forum. -- Russ


´As you can see, for me there is still a lot of work, until I reached the standard of you.

Helmut, ... that´s the first time I can´t understand you ;)

.... or, is is a little bit of fishing for compliments?

You are quite right here!



Oh no, Frithjof;
I made this picture and wanted to show how I make the base plates for the railing.

Then I saw my bungling, I had not seen with the naked eye despite glasses.
Yes such a camera image is just merciless.
Russ so I came to my thoughtful award.

But back to the grids.

I draw the individual blades simply reduced to scale with CorelDraw.
Then I send the data to a company for a friend of the etching technique has and get back the finished parts.

Ray you asked me but even after the stones.

The course I own on my CNC engraving machine.

Either I engrave all the walls are so interlinked that I can connect them.

Stiffeners or individual from which I can even create curved walls.

The coloring is done with acrylic paints with a brush.
Where is the red color of the brick can well afford with a rubber roller.
The intricacies and the aging but is in any case with a brush.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Excellent work. I was curious and tracked down your Engraving Plotter ..


Found it online for $690


Love this stuff!! :)
Ed Traxler

Lugoff, Camden & Northern RR

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Hi Ed,
only the plotter alone is unfortunately not yet you need a good software.

I cannot free or cheap software known a driver for ME has MIMAKI.

Such engraving machine but gets very encouraging, as signs are now laser cut.

I use Eurocut Professional

Here are 2 pictures with examples of parts that I created on the machine.
Even if it is OT at this point something.

Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal



(expletive) deleted!  :o :o :o :o :o

AMAZING! :o :o :o
That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more information please!!!!!!!!

Chuck Doan

Great work Helmut! Technology is changing so much in modelling.
"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt


Mr Potato Head

who said life was fair? becasue it's not! Nice
your new BFF
Gil Flores
In exile in Boise Idaho


Hi every body,

I promise I will write from my CNC brass mine early next month when I'm back from vacation.

Image added
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


I am so happy there are people who still work like craftsmen. One would think the manual, creative hobbies are dying out.  But this work by Helmut proves otherwise. The quality has never been higher.

Technology does help- the engraving machine is used in a very effective way. I can understand how the bricks and walls are made.

Helmut, how did you make those beautiful locomotive parts?

John Palecki


Hi John,
Thanks for the recognition, but also I would like to learn more about the artificial aging of you.

The locomotive is the result of a change in PE set before me.
I received 2 sets at that time and also built two locomotives from it.

A locomotive I have given to Marcel here from the forum.

All that can be seen with me, is it yourself or at least from a kit that I change emerged.

The engine driver was out of a car mechanic kit.

The figure actually knelt in front of the car and changed the wheel

The change took place with these tools and the 2 components plastic.

All figures are also still real examples from the real bill.

That's myself

The locomotive dcc receiver and so hard, not only the lights but also the pit light of the miner can be switched.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Helmut, you look very realistic. Your parents did an excellent job of modeling you. -- ssuR


I'm working on another detail in a wheelbarrow.

It was formed from a nickel silver set.
Now I have to make handles and natural aging.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal