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1/12th scale drop leaf table

Started by onl26, January 16, 2011, 11:13:43 AM

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Mr.Robertson's work is very nice. That classroom scene is unbelievable. I am usually very careful to use the phrase: "I thought this was the real thing",but in this case I really had to look twice. Very nice!

Edit: Kevin's work is very impressive, too.  ;)

Ken Hamilton

Kevin, I keep coming back here to look at your table.  That's really an exquisite piece of work.
We're glad you saw that RR mag way-back-when.  The doll house crowd's loss is definitely our gain.
Ken Hamilton


Thanks very much guys.
Ken, I'm not sure about the "Doll House" crowd but there might be another piece of furniture somewhere down the line. It's all fun to me and I've even had my eye on the military/armour sites recently.



Of course if that were Chucks work there would be a ring on the table where somebody forgot to use a coaster for their hot tea cup and scuffs on the pedastal legs from the kids swinging their feet.
No matter how good it get's there's always something more to aspire to  :D.

Fantastic work my friend, beautiful craftsmanship.