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Title: Vive la deudeuche !
Post by: Bill76 on July 29, 2012, 10:56:35 AM
Well, it's time for vacation and I post this brainless week-end diorama to celebrate the most popular french car : la deudeuche !

This kit has been staying in its box for a while, it's 1/43 scale. No more details than the kit except the cool guy that I bought in England though Ebay.

I'm not very fond of car but I decide for a exception. The 2 CV (2 chevaux in french) is certaintly the most mythic and recognizable car made by the manufacturer Citroën.

The story stated in 1935 when the new boss of Citroën was asked by the Michelin brothers to design a reliable and affordable car for the French. The primary concept is to create a car with "four wheels under a umbrella", four real seats, 50 kg of luggage (or two bags of potatoes) , 2 hp power, front wheel drive, 60 kilometers per hour speed, easy maintenace, 3 gears, a suspension wheel system that allows the car to croos a plowed field. The last but not least request : the car should cross this field with a basket full of eggs without cooking a omelette !!!!

Because the Second Wolrd War, the project stayend on standby for a few years but started again secretly. The first prototype was mainly the definive version of the car. This was the beginning of the fabulous career of this car and the assembly line closed in 1990, 27th of July at 17.00 PM.

3.868.000 units have been produced during its long live. Many versions have been made to cope with the different using as for bakers touring, for professionnals and self-employees, for farmers. This car was design for Monsieur Tout Le Monde. Differents shapes of bodywork have been shaped as the countless colors.

The first bobyworks were looking as corrugated irons and the main color available was grey.

New collectors and fans are looking for still running deudeuche and clubs make this possible.

To my amazement, the Deudeuche has been modernized for the moment as VW has done for the Bettle or for the Mini. We can hope !!

So this diorama is a hommage to this incredible car.

Bonnes vacances à toutes et à tous. Georges