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Monorail locomotive 1:16 scale

Started by Scratchman, May 12, 2010, 06:44:44 PM

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Here's three photos of the trucks on my diorama.

Gordon Birrell



It's a lot easier to see the trucks in the color image. -- Russ



Your photos look a little dark on my screen - is it just me? Can you lighten them a touch? Excellent work as always! I love the GMC loco, looks fantastic.



Russ, I have posted some good color shots of these trucks. You know how I love my sepia shots.

Scott, are all my photos showing up dark to you or just the last three? I set up this photo shoot late in the day inside my west facing garage  hoping to get some shots with the sun coming in at a low angle, so after I had got the diorama set up and dusted off the model trucks taken out to the garage I set up the camera and one of the legs on my tripod broke off. By the time I got done messing around trying to fix it the good light was gone, so I went ahead and shot the photos without the tripod. Most of the photos were not very good, but I thought these three were good enough to finish up this thread so that I could move on to my next project.

Gordon Birrell



I just took a look at the colour photo in CS3 and the levels could be tweaked to brighten it up a little. But a really nice shot of the finished diorama anyway. Maybe next time the sun is shining?
Ian Hodgkiss
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