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Boring and a little Sad ! but it works

Started by Barney, September 13, 2023, 05:35:14 AM

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Required better storage for Nuts / bolts & rivets and an easer way to re_order - purchased a plastic compartment box make sure its one with moulded compartments ( the removable compartments version the little bolts /rivets tend to escape underneath
the dividers ) the number of the bolt/ rivet is printed on small squares which makes it easer to reorder
 Its the simple things in life that makes people happy !!
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Quote from: Barney on September 13, 2023, 05:35:14 AMIts the simple things in life that makes people happy !!

Agreed. I have had a similiar project on my bucketlist for langer than I care to think about.
Regards, Hauk
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Some time ago, these boxes came up at my local discount store for just over 1US$ ea.  Needless to say I purchased dozens!

Lawrence in NZ

Ray Dunakin

I like to use the kind made for beads, which have at least one end rounded on the bottom. Makes it easier to get tiny bits out with fat fingers.
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Lawton Maner

Simple and effective.  I recycle Altoids tins with a label of the contents (nut, washer, and bolt/screw on the outside).  All lengths of each type in the same tin.  Left and right handed thread in their own tin.  This way only the size I need is on the bench at any one time.  A small super magnet inset into the work surface keeps the tins from being knocked around.  vendor's contact info is pasted to the lid of the tool cabinet where numerous things hide from me and pray that they don't end up on the floor. 

I prefer to keep the longer offerings of screws and bolts on hand because shorter ones which are rarely used can be created as needed.commonly used items such as the screws to attach coupler boxes or trucks are kept in their own boxes because they are items used the most often.