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Achim's Fiddle (and Piano) shop

Started by Yoshi Ueda, April 02, 2024, 04:12:22 AM

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Yoshi Ueda

Although I am sorry to post same contents as Facebook, I will show you my new model.

Since my longtime friend in Japan gave me the simple resin mold of Pianos, I started the next project.

Here is my fictional story...
Achim, who holds the title of master, came from Germany and started the Fiddle (Violin) workshop in the town of Aurora.  But he felt the difficulty to continue the business based only on "Fiddle", so he decided to sell the piano in the shop...


The final detail is a slightly suspicious tall lady (maybe 1/43.5 scale) in front of the store window looking through the window at the piano.


I built this model using with the resin kit named "Iron Horse Press" which was produced by Design-Tech in 1996.


Doug Heitkamp built the masters for that model using Joe Crea's drawing of the Crested Butte newspaper office. You did a beautiful job of assembling and painting with just the right amount of weathering. The pianos look wonderful. -- Russ

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