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Matching Corporate Colors

Started by Bill Gill, August 10, 2018, 10:01:02 AM

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Bill Gill

Stumbled onto this site:

It shows the colors that over one hundred international corporations use to identify their brand(s).
The companies are all contemporary and most probably won't ever get modeled, but  it does include Burger King, Coke, CVS, Pepsi, Wendy's and others (didn't see any railroads listed). The listing can help anyone who wants to print decals and maybe custom mix paints that exactly match a particular company's logos, signage, posters, etc. that could be useful.

The list is alphabetical. When you find a company you want to match the color(s) of, you simply click on the company name and the color sample(s) expand. Click on the expanded color you want and the hex code for that color appears in the sample.

You can copy the hex code and use it with your graphics software to select the specific custom color to match the sample. Here's a link to a YouTube video that gives an idea how to use this with PhotoShop:https:


Westlake Publishing is absent from the list. -- Russ

Bill Gill

That's because we're unmatchable :)