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Feldbahnmodule with ship

Started by fspg2, April 21, 2011, 12:42:16 AM

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michael mott


Thanks for your positive consent.

@ Marc
It's fun to spin a little. ... But you know what you're talking about. Many things here in the forum are spun great also ! :)

Yesterday my router has to work hard.
Thus, the hinges and the moving window frames made of 1.5 mm Ms58 were machined first.


The crane has been modified a little bit. The lower U-profiles are no longer visible from outside. They are masked by the deep-drawn sheet metal.


Since my 0.5 mm Ms58 material had gone to an end and I could not get new timely, instead German silver (Neusilberblech) was stuck with a wafer-thin double-sided tape on a MDF board and placed under the cutter.


The German silver can not be milled as good as Ms58. So I had to adjust the feed rate much slower. Also was greased with a few drops of oil.


0.15mm deep marks were placed with a small V-Cutter. So I could put the rivets very accurately with the embossing machine later.

After the vacuum cleaner and a little bit of crepe paper had removed all the dirt, I was able to lift the rivet bands with a thin cutter blade from the board and rub off the adhesive tape.

Some rivets had to be set from the back side directly into the walls (they have no external rivets band). In addition I have milled 1mm deep pockets in the MDF board. All milled walls of the crane house were placed with the outside face down in his pockets.


Now the router could set the markers very easily.

In addition to the markers I used a rip fence, so as not in the heat of battle, the rivets can dance to it. Nothing is worse than when the last rivet is set incorrectly. ;)


In the exterior walls of all the pages I have milled a deepening of 0.25 mm for the rivet bands, which are soldered in later.



mad gerald


found some spare time to get back at the work bench again ... ?!  ;)


Gordon Ferguson


Impressive ? ...................... absolutely superb !!!!

May just pack away my modelling tools after seeing this quality of work


HUCH!   WOW!! :o :o

It's like jewlery.

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


Frederic Testard

Now, this is rivetting at its best!
Frederic Testard


While the parts are most impressive, the SBS is superb!!!!!!
Thanks for posting.


I have never seen such crisp embossed rivets before. I thought that 0,5 mm was far to thick for embossing crisp.
Absolutely beautiful work.

Regards, Hauk
Regards, Hauk
"Yet for better or for worse we do love things that bear the marks of grime, soot, and weather, and we love the colors and the sheen that call to mind the past that made them"  -Junichiro Tanizaki

Remembrance Of Trains Past


Very, very impressive I would say!
Eric Zabilka
Lexington, Kentucky

Ray Dunakin

Stunning, especially the rivets! They look like real rivets, not at all like embossed rivets.
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Ray Dunakin's World


Another mind blowing project!!!!


 :o  :o  :o

Stunning.  I feel like I'm working with Crayons... (talent wise... not the finely cast colored wax implements).

"Did I mention this is a bad idea?"

michael mott

Excellent, they are worth counting!




Now I am amazed about so much recognition ... while there are only a few simple rivets! Thanks a lot!!

Just before the start of the new year I wanted to solder some parts for the crane.

Once again Pertinax serves as gage.

Münzel-Kran_026 (fspg2)

The result: a subframe for the front and side walls of the crane.

Münzel-Kran_027 (fspg2)

This allows me to pull off the walls like a shoe box from the bottom board in case of service. The whole mechanism will be on the baseboard at a later date.

Münzel-Kran_028 (fspg2)

A happy new year to all of you!