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Feldbahnmodule with ship

Started by fspg2, April 21, 2011, 12:42:16 AM

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My internet is playing up. I am waiting for a new modem to arrive on Tuesday (Monday is Queen's Birthday). I can now see all the photos in full because when the internet is on, it's blindingly fast and then it's off!!!! Without warning and up to 24 hours. The techo on the phone has assured me it's the modem at fault so we will see soon.

Keep posting - the model looks great!
Ian Hodgkiss
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Brisbane, Australia


In 1992  I found two pictures of the former fire station of my hometown in an old photo album,


Feuerwehrhaus_Lbg-1953_02 (fspg2)

The building was rebuilt in the early years of 1950 from a barn.
At 20 February 1982 the fire brigade of Lauenburg was drawn to her new home, the old fire station served as a residence for some time before it was demolished.
In 1992 the building looks very come down, as you can see at these pictures.







Sad to say, but occupational I can not build my models currently. My milling machine has to wait now. However, I can draw my next project on the computer.

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_1 (fspg2)

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_2 (fspg2)

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_5 (fspg2)

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_6 (fspg2)

Straight masonry at the front and crooked timber round about, that is the attraction for me.



Yesterday I could mill the outside of the front wall. Because my router can mill parts up to a length of only 70cm, the wall was built in two sections.

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_007 (fspg2)

By gearing, the two halves align well.

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_008 (fspg2)

Here you see the parts joined together loosely.

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_009 (fspg2)

The total length is now 74cm.

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_010 (fspg2)

I build the fire station in 1:22.5 scale .... very significantly you can detect the size difference is seen to fire truck, it has only 1:24!

But I'm just happy to get anything to do at this scale!

To see the wall joints in the door- and gate jamb, I had previously drilled the corresponding grooves with a 0.5 mm drill (green).

Feuerwache_Lbg_Front_0110 (fspg2)

The colors mean:
green = drill (0.5 mm) after visible inside corner holes or slots for smaller corner radius at the outer contour,
blue = 0.5 mm wall joints with a router,
purple = 1.5 mm inner contour milling,
red = 1.5 mm outer contour cutter



Would a laser be able to cut straight enough to accomplish interlocking bricks as square as those? Outstanding work! -- Russ


In this scale, yes, because the minimal taper would be hidden within the mortar lines and covered over on the completed model.    In HO, no.   There are HO laser cut kits on the market with interlocking brick corners... the results speak for themselves. 


I presume, then, that in 1:48 the taper also might be too obvious but, by 1:32, things would start to improve? It sounds as though milling might be a more universal way to create interlocking corners. -- Russ


Yes I use mine on my model the same technology and have milled for Frithjof also the first parts.
In the original, a stone wall to a joint width 10 -11 mm width yields the 1:22.5 scale has an average of 0.5 mm. Frithjof and I milled yes because we have just milling itself. With 0.5 mm width joints are also milling about quite well. Everything is smaller, is certainly better to solve with laser cut.
Frithjof and I use wood fiber materials, which naturally arise not 100% completely smooth milling surfaces. This is not a disadvantage but rather an advantage, because the fibers enhance the bonding and close small gaps.
I'd like to create a table to represent the joint width.

  scale   Joint width   length stone   stone thickness
  1 / 1         10                240                120
1 / 22.5       0.5              10.7                  5
  1 / 35        0.3                6.8                  3
  1 / 48        0.2                5                     2.5
  1 / 87        0.1                2.6                  1.4

This table is easy to see that cut grooves in wood fiber panels with less such as 0.5 mm in width and not more sensible.
The slight slope in the laser cut is safe because the wood fiber material, the small problem.
The bigger problem is that I believe burned cut surfaces do not absorb the glue as well as milled fibrous cut surfaces.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Click here you will see a laser-cut house. The interlocking brick corners are are made very accurately.


In the right part of my module system there will be a port area . An old grab crane can load sand from a ship into a hopper. From them light railway wagons can be loaded later.

My research in Lauenburg (here the original crane was demolished in the 1980ger (?) years) was not very productive unfortunately. Only five photos I could find to  imagine the rough dimensions.

Muenzel_Kran_Lauenburg_-1956_b (fspg2)

So we give it a compromise now. The structure will be similar to the Hamburg crane,

Possible Vorbild_Hafenkran (fspg2)

... Only the cab window later pre-built , I don´t like to build. This crane - now demolished - I took pictures four years ago.

For the first rehearsal I've milled out the walls which I have drawn in Cad.

Münzel-Kran_001 (fspg2)

Münzel-Kran_002 (fspg2)

Münzel-Kran_005 (fspg2)

However, I will extend the window at the front to further series of slices down probably so that the crane operator gets a better field of vision.
Pictures of old Hamburg harbor cranes shows windows of various sizes.

Münzel-Kran_Lauenburg (Copyright W.Hinsch-LEA) (fspg2)

At the picture of the original I'm not sure if there were placed metal plates in front of the windows probably present.

Münzel-Kran_006 (fspg2)

The picture above shows the plate from the bottom up. In the center hole all the cables for the power supply will be carried out. I´m thinking about an endless sliding contact, so the cables will not disrupt exactly after  4536.7 rotations. ;)

The rear wall is provided with lateral grooves. So the two little side panels could be bended easily after the circular bending.

To bend the plate properly, I used a second metal sheet as a victim under the original sheet...

rolls bending machine_02 (fspg2)

...like here:

rolls bending machine_03 (fspg2)



This is more than modeling: It is small scale manufacturing. Impressive. -- Russ


Hi Frithjof - the link is to a kit in 1:45? Here is a link to kits made in 1:43 and also available in 1:76 scales - http://www.finescale.org.uk/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=55

All laser cut out of thin plywood. Once painted it appears that the corners and brick detail is acceptable from normal viewing distances.

What is being described here with the crane etc is true art!
Ian Hodgkiss
The Steamy Pudding - an English Gentleman's Whimsy in 1:24 scale Gn15 (in progress)
On the Slate and Narrow - in 1:12 scale (coming soon)
Brisbane, Australia



Today a small update about of my crane only.

The front window was extended downwards compared with the first drawing.



The template for milling with sheetcam:


Round about two hours later, the frame was milled. I am amazed about the stability of the framework mostly.



The next parts will be the movable windows and the hinges (hole diameter: 0,5mm)



Ray Dunakin

Double wow! That is really impressive work. Is the window frame milled out of brass?

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Gordon Ferguson

Superb, not only in the use of modern technology but in the interpretation and skill shown


Boah!...mensch ist das eine spinnerei! Just beautiful!

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