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General Forums / Re: Studio CG Modelling/Animat...
Last post by WP Rayner - Today at 02:36:09 PM
It's been quite some time since I posted on this project. I made some major changes to the main character a couple of years ago, but never rendered it as I had shut down the studio, due largely to the pandemic - business vaporized. Unfortunately the proposed animation for this character is not going to happen, but I decided to render the revised character, both for fun, and to get back up to speed on the CG process (bit rusty after a two-year absence) as I now have to complete a watch animation for a client that had been put on hold for almost four years due to funding issues and the pandemic. So here is Melvin in his revised form:

Modellers At Work / Re: Sandy Hollow
Last post by 1-32 - September 28, 2022, 03:28:44 PM
Hello all.
As usual many thanks and wishes for good health.
Moving along.
Packing, multi-use segments large scale minimum space should be the heading.
Everything has to fit and work well this is the first step before continuing even if the scene has to be comprised.
Now I can continue the packing list is complete and the scene is in a basic form I have done so many of these sorts of puzzles I can now streamline some processes.
The first photo shows some of the items in particular the lights they have a really nice spot at the back.
In the second photo the layout now onto the detail.

General Forums / Re: Always take the back roads
Last post by finescalerr - September 28, 2022, 12:09:42 AM
Thank goodness those old structures still exist. Very few seem to remain in California. -- Russ
General Forums / Re: Always take the back roads
Last post by Scratchman - September 27, 2022, 07:47:55 PM
Here's Ten photos from southwest Wyoming and around Manila, Utah. The train yard is in Evanston, Wyoming

Gordon Birrell

General Forums / Re: Miniature buildings from L...
Last post by finescalerr - September 27, 2022, 12:00:29 PM
Move back! Chuck and I live near Los Angeles. Ray is only a couple of hours south in San Diego. -- Russ
General Forums / Miniature buildings from LA
Last post by nk - September 27, 2022, 10:52:52 AM
Here is an artist making miniature buildings from LA. I think these are just great. Makes me wish I still lived there.
Tips, Tricks, Techniques & Tools / Re: The play ground
Last post by Daniel - September 26, 2022, 07:57:24 PM
Thank you, Stuart, but i am not a master at all.

Sometimes people believe i have some skill that they don't but is not true.
The fact is that i use something they don't use: true attention.

I will try to be more clear:

Imagine we have all a special amazing inteligent flashlight. Most people uses it for searching what they want and often they succeed.
The trick is you give it the order to search for 'this' or for 'that' and the flashlight's inteligency automatically exclude in the search all the rest.

I use it sometimes also that way but mostly don't: instead of seeking 'what i want' i use for finding out what could i do with whatever simple daily life puts in my way.

That means in the first case one has a preconception of what 'should' be found.  That means one is operating from a previous moment therefore not trully in the now. The natural consequence is that the flashlight will exclude all the 'unknown' (the new!) and focus on the expectation.

My way is not to search but to pay attention and see what could i do with whatever happens to be around.

It may seem a bit confussing at first but what gets 'confussed' is the pre-conception: the illusory 'center' created by the 'will' (the preconception, or expectative, if you prefer) vanishes and there is only attention listening to what 'is'.

That is the reason why i dislike plans: they are always an intent of the past to dominate the future and that way one finds oneself doing a boring task just because it was decided in a moment than doesn't exist anymore and therefore had no chance at all of realizing what the now (the present moment, the only moment that exists) really is offering.

Someone used to say: "One couldn't find anything new through searching."

Attention is the essential 'thing' (actually 'no-thing') and the only gate to the present moment.

Attention vanishes when there is in-tention!

The tricky aspect is 'knowledge': we are trained to rely on it but that is the boobytrap that keeps the mind focus and operating from the past, not from the now!

So real, true freedom is freedom from the mind >>> freedom from the known.

It may sound as 'thinking out the box' but is not!

'Thinking out the box' is still thinking and thoughts are always archive stuff!

Well, if all the above is boring: please, forgive me and just skip it. But if it opens a gate don't spoil it with thoughts: just jump into the now and enjoy.

Modellers At Work / Re: The nicest scene i modelle...
Last post by Daniel - September 26, 2022, 02:56:22 AM
Thank you, Stuart.

Of course you are right as is also Russ.

Yes, i am aware of Chuck Doan's, Marcel Ackle's, Gordon Birrell's and many other great master's work. I followed them all for years so i get what you mean: their exquisite mastery in both, the building and the presentation.

I would like to give you a good answer but the point is that i have been facing a strong resistance to take photos of the dioramas for more than three weeks so actually Russ' and your comments feel as signals from the outer world concerning something happening still not really clear in my inner world.

I will give you a better answer as soon as i get it!


But i really thank you and Russ for the interest and good hints.


Modellers At Work / Re: The nicest scene i modelle...
Last post by Stuart - September 25, 2022, 08:10:16 PM
I certainly agree with Russ. Lighting can make a huge difference in creating a realistic photograph of a finished diorama or model.  You might take a look at the photos Chuck Doan has made of his finished projects.  I believe many of them were taken outdoors in natural sunlight. I am not a pro by any means but I have had some experience in photography.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques & Tools / Re: The play ground
Last post by Stuart - September 25, 2022, 07:48:04 PM
You certainly seem to be the master of ingenuity.