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1/24 Gn15 Crane

Started by Gordon Ferguson, January 20, 2010, 01:53:13 AM

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Very interesting crane Andi.... has something of a steam-punk feel about it. Well done...


Andi Little

Thanks all for your responses and interest, I take it as praise indeed.

Chuck - The chains are from a 1/9th scale kit of a Ducati...... probably a Revell or Italeri kit as they shared tooling on those, it was the devils own job to get to work as a chain and apart from posing potential wouldn't trust it to work much beyond that - others of course could probably make a much better fist of it.

Marc - et al, Yes you're right of course, the hook does look unnervingly like something a Captain would brandish [tic-toc]. It looks nowhere near as bad in the flesh however - but Ill admit it needs to be changed as it does look pretty unconvincing.
In mine own defence this pic' qualifies as a drive by shooting - mainly shot and posted to document a finished project before the challenge deadline - this resulted in a less than ideal set-up which necessitated the aperture being opened up two [2] stops, me-thinks this has created a degree of burnout on the more exposed details - as excuses go - best I've got to hand.

Paul - Thanks, actually quite pleased with the Steam punk comment, although I think since that movement gained momentum it has gotton a bit fragrant and confectious. All my builds at the moment are geared towards a layout -should it ever get built? And this crane is a direct character within it - made by a gifted engineer within a Blacksmiths agricultural workshop first half of last century - 1900/1950 !!!!! ............. I know it's a stretch - but work with me here!

Thanks again all........... I appreciate your interests..............

KBO..................... Andi.

Gordon Ferguson

Andi, how dare you just gatecrash my thread.................. with that marvellous "little" model,  I really do like it, certainly has your own special unique style .

I happen to have a spare hook that has a little more "beef" in it, I will put in the post and you can see if it is any use  .............. its way of thanks for sorting me out with Model T engine.

For the rest of you, Andi will be busy over the week-end puting together a specific thread so we can show all all the entrants, finished or not, in one place. Andi or I will add the link to this thread so you can see the variety and imagination that has gone into this little challenge.   


I think your crane finished up beautifully!  Great modeling job.

That crane is really unique, I love it!  Great job.


Quote from: Andi Little on February 19, 2010, 12:16:56 AM
Thanks, actually quite pleased with the Steam punk comment, although I think since that movement gained momentum it has gotton a bit fragrant and confectious.
Yes, I would have to agree with you there. There's a lot of overworked rubbish being passed off under that hip moniker these days, but still a few gems out there. I saw some photos of the exhibit in Oxford recently and thought some of the items exhibited, ie. the lighting fixtures, were excellent. I think it's the engineered decorative aspects of your crane that give it that character, the over-engineered and drilled stabilizers, the decorative elements of the large wheels and so on. Sounds like a fascinating project overall, looking forward to seeing more as it develops.


Gordon Ferguson

As promised here is the link to "showcase" thread for the entrants so far in the challenge





   your's is for me the most convincing.  Very well balanced in the overall appearance and the details are not overdone.
   Beautiful by it's simplicity.

   Andy's crane has a unique appeal and beautiful finish, but in my opinion is missing the fragility, the scale of parts is somehow not matching.

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