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Wood stock car in 1/32nd(sorta) to match my MDC cars

Started by Jerry Barnes, April 16, 2009, 08:20:27 PM

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Jerry Barnes

I wanted a wood stock car to fit in with the MDC cars I like to pull with my Aristo LS Mikado. I found a set of
plans to work from on the internet.

I made it with coffee stir sticks, glued up over wax paper, the old classic way!

The ends were thin plywood, with the stir sticks glued on.

I got some hay doors from Bob, thru John.

I had some small Gary Raymond wheels that I thought looked good.

I did the roof with craft foil. I embossed the lines in with a ball point pen.

Now, back to work!


Jerry,  Last time it was plumber's parts and duct tape now it's coffee stir sticks!!!!!......You are are amazing!!!  I really enjoy your postings ,  Please keep them coming....Randy


I like the wood grain pattern that you gor on the number/sideboards.

One thing of note. You made all your metal detail parts (door slide rails, hinges, hasps) completely rusted. There should be some paint on these. Metal generally will hold paint longer/better than wood especially where the wood is exposed from multiple sides thus letting the moisture absorb into the wood, and causing the paint to release/peel.

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If you or anyone for that matter is looking for any additional information on stock cars, possibly the best resource (at least for narrow gauge prototype practice) is the book "Taking Stock: Narrow Gauge Stock Cars of the Denver & Rio Grande 1873-1968" by Victor Stone. It was first published in 1992 by Creedstone Publications... not sure if it's still in print or not. Not only is it an exceptional resource but it is also a very fine production.


Jerry Barnes

I ripped down some pine for the roofwalks. Scraped them with a razor saw and stained them with an india ink
alcohol wash.

John McGuyer

I'm now waiting for you to do some 1/32 scale cow poop running out the bottom. Them there cows are bound to be a bit nervous.


Jerry Barnes

I'm getting there John. Putting the boards on the roof, from the edge to the roofwalk right now. Been nice here, so been doing outdoor chores. Had to mow even!  Sheeesh....that messes with modeling time, you don't have that problem! ;D

John McGuyer

No we don't mow here. We have, shall we say, none credentialled aliens with leaf blowers to do the mowing.


Jerry Barnes

I finished up the stock car, except for lettering-someday!   I put KD 820's on it.  I used Bragdon chalks to
weather the roof/sides some more. I included a shot with an MDC car, I had adjusted the plans so it would
match the size of that. I like pulling those behind my LS Mike. Should make more stock cars, but not sure I
will or not!  Maybe next winter.....doing outside chores now. Waterfall rebuild right now....sigh.....


Jerry,  The car looks great,  really nice to see a stock car in something other than black!!  Good luck with the waterfall...Randy