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A tale of two Dolbeers

Started by lab-dad, March 22, 2009, 10:01:14 AM

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Here they are.
All done....I think?............




Marty,  So cool , I still can't decide which one I like the best!  The iron work is great but it makes me want to throw my dolbeer away.   Thanks for sharing ......Randy



That's why I picked you as my mentor.  Just another outstanding job by you!!
Hey thanks for all your help.

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Beautiful job Marty. Very nicely done. I like the faded number on the boiler. ;) These will make a great addition to your layout.


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lucas gargoloff

Marty, as we said before... gald to see you at work again!!! Very inspirational!!
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina



   beautiful,  they realy show their age..... and still in use.

   personally I think the flanges of the haulback drum are too rusty compared with the rest.

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Thanks Jacq,
The flanges are more rusty (?) due to the lack of being in contact with anything,
like the horizontal surfaces of the capstan. I had them "newer" but they didnt  look right.
But to each his own, thanks for the feedback!