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Yet another machine shop

Started by PuckHog, March 09, 2009, 06:20:34 PM

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What a great scene!
Thanks for posting!


That is one nice job.  And double what Marty said that is a great scene.  And thanks for posting.

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Hi Randy,
It has made a great little scene, especially with the track rolling past it now.  I'm fond of some of the shots where the lighting is a bit more subdued, and the interior lights are throwing a few more shadows.  I also like the look of some of your ground work between the shop and the track.  I still think I'm gonna have to steal that elevated tank idea and use somewhere on one of my future projects, probably one of my favourite mini scenes amongst your shots.  Good stuff...



Thanks Marty and Jerry....still learning on the finishing techniques but having fun!

Hi Dan,  Thank you and you bring up an interesting subject, layout lighting. After taking models outside to photo them it really shows the great look to be had if our artificial layout lighting would be more life like. I plan on trying some of the new lighting products that promise a more true natural colors. What did you guys decide to use on your newest display layout?   Randy


Can you say "article"? Please contact me at finescalerr@msn.com if you are interested. The modeling, lighting, and scenery are most satisfactory. -- Russ


Lighting on Dolly Varden was fluorescents, with 5000k daylight tubes.  We actually blotched some pale blue paint randomly over the tubes though, which mottles the light spill a bit (avoids some of that harshness often found with fluoro's).  There was also spacing between the tubes, from 1-2' gap of no light source, which also helped create a bit of light and shade across the layout.  If you refer back to one of the first overall shots I posted of the layout, you can see areas where it darkens a bit.  Almost helps to divide scenes a bit too, as trains emerge back into better light.  This probably only works well though in a shadow box style layout, where you can control the lighting levels a bit better.  Lighting standards tend to vary quite significantly between different exhibition venues.  Having seen many layouts that just use the ambient light in the venue, and how dull they can appear, we tend to always put a bit of effort into setting the best possible light to view our work in.


Chuck Doan

Really nice, Randy! I really like the lighted scenes.
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Thank you Russ,  will be in touch!

Thank you Chuck....(cutting slots in rivets for screw heads!!!!!  Amazing stuff)


Franck Tavernier

Nice Job and great scene Randy! I like very much!



Outstanding job on this scene Randy. I also like the lighted ones.



What everyone else said. It's a lovely piece of work. I particularly like the guy leaning on the post – he adds a nice relaxed natural touch. Is he a stock figure or your own work?
Kevin Crosado

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Thanks,  Franck and Leon,  appreciate the kind words,   Randy

Hi Kevin,  thank you and the figure is from " Arttista".  Good line of poses but they fall short up close in the face and hands with poor detail.  Have ordered some "Phoneix " figures that Dan uses.  I wish I could do figures!! I need to get Ray to teach me!    Randy


Nice job Randy... The night scenes are very evocative, well done.



Thanks Paul,  The simulated night time when I dim the layout lighting and turn on interior lites is always popular when having guests over.     Randy