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Yet another machine shop

Started by PuckHog, March 09, 2009, 06:20:34 PM

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Just about ready tp plant....Randy


First customer......Randy


Another shot....Randy


In its place......Randy


Fuel stand looks cool Randy.  The timber has come up really well, and I like the fine details like the drip can hanging under the tap.  Whole thing seems to sit nicely in the scene too.  The sag and shape on the hose has also landed well.  Often see a few of these done where they still look a little stiff,  Nice work.

Oh, and thanks for the other pics of the layout, looks like it will make for some enjoyable running and viewing when its done.


That's a really nice scene!
The fuel drum installed by the door.


Dan,  Thanks as always for your kind words....

Marty, You also ....  Have not done this before where you show your stuff online and  want to say thanks for the encouragement!!.....Randy


Have been trying out some tips for metal finishing gleaned from Marc Reusser's past postings and then visting the mig forum(those folks know how to paint and finish!!!). The boiler is from Weiseman and is what you would expect from the V&T Shops kits.  I went this route thinking the short boiler fit in better.  After having to redo most of the castings or replace with CHB stuff I gotta rethink this.  Putting it back in the scene after finishing I realized I forgot to fill the seams on the steam dome/stack and the boiler( just love this taking pictures when it shows me up!)  Oh well ,more to fix later.

One other fix will be to change to wood for the fuel source, after all it is a logging line.


Photo #2


Last photo.......Randy


Randy, your modeling and layout are of publication quality. Please let me know when you are ready to appear in a book. --  Russ

lucas gargoloff

Looks very nice Randy!! I bought some little stuffs from Keith Wiseman, great things! I like yout rust bareel, how do you do this? With powders?
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Hi Guys,   Thank you Russ, I would be honored.....(Its going kinda slow!)

Lucas,  Yes it is powder for final coat. As I said earlier I'm learning from others here. I base coat with black enamel then wash and sponge paint with acryics.  I use "Citadel Colors" because they have a good range in the browns, greys and yellows. Most important my  hobby shop stocks them!!  .....Randy


 One more.....Randy

lucas gargoloff

Thanks Randy, tonight will do some test with my powders and your tips.
Thanks again!
Lucas (still mude after seeing your H0n3 project)
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina