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Yet another machine shop

Started by PuckHog, March 09, 2009, 06:20:34 PM

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This is a closer shot of the siding...The  idea was that this building was clad in western red cedar and wasn't to old. I tried for planks that would look like they used the heart wood along with everything else and were not painted, hence the different shades and light colors. My prototype was a building my father and I built on our ranch while growing up...just not real happy now. The technique was artist art markers applied over stripwood that was "grained" with the file card then sanded to defuzz. I then applied more grain and nail holes with a drafting pen. India ink with rubbing alcohol was used along the bottom.    Could use some help here.....Randy


Hi Randy (and welcome),
Looks pretty damn good if you ask me.  Sort of nice to see one of these in a more "operational" state.  The animation has been done well, especially to get the line shafts working freely, as with the likes of the lathe.  I'm having the assumption there is some more figures still to be added, otherwise that is probably the only other thing I would suggest.  For example, the lathe running is cool, but needs an operator.  Some of the board colouring also makes a nice change, with some subtle graining.  I once saw a fellow modeller who nearly exclusively did all his timber "staining" with marker pens (except whites generally), and his structures always stood out with a character finish.  Good stuff and I look forward to further images and updates.



Thank you Dan,  As it happens I was enjoying pictures of your shop !  I'm new to this scale and sorting out the manufactures, I saw that you were using Phoniex? figures. Are they 1:48 or something else?   Thanks, Randy

lucas gargoloff

That´s amazing!! Saw your video and think is a great piece of master art you did!! Very helpful.
Thanks for sharing.
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Most of those figures I used were by Phoenix, and I think they are 1:43.  Slightly larger, but there are bigger people in society.  I find they are a cleaner, more detailed casting than some others on the market.  They also have a fairly extensive range, plenty of poses to choose from.  I think they even had some of the same figures in 3-4 slightly different poses, but the majority of them also have separate arms and heads to move around.



Dan, I will check them out, the ones I've tried are 'Arttista' and the poses are great but hands /face are crude castings. Thinking of preforming surgery on them using body parts from military guys.

Lucas,  Glad you liked the video. Please could you post some closeups of your sidewalk work on your store ,looking for ideas for weathering my concrete pads.   Thanks,  Randy                                                             


Dan..I do like the coloring with the markers but I think my issue now is lack of texture? maybe and the need to show more aging...The building as its stands now is the same way I finished alot of my HO stuff and I don't think it works so good on the O scale layout.  After looking at more prototype stuff the biggest problem may be that my siding is not cupping like the real thing!
This photo shows the On30 layout on the left and the Hon3 layout on the right.  The machine shop goes in the spot on the right side of photo.    Randy


Okay so I meant the HOn3 was on the left and the On30 was on the right ! This is where the shop goes.   Randy

Chuck Doan

Looking good, Randy. Overall, a very nice job.

When it comes to prototype reference, I find Flickr is a great resource. there are a lot of groups to explore.

Weathered wood:


"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt




Nice job.  Both scales have very nice screnery.

And I must say the machinery is done just as well I really like the job you did on the planer.  That's not the easiest piece to do, I'm doing one now.

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I have a few of the arrista figures as well, which I only like to use as background fillers.  Like you said, nice poses, but kind of poor castings, with very little in the way of facial details, and generally a bit "pitted" all over.  The few I have a particularly skinny folk too.

Nice looking modelling environment as well.  Looks a bit like my desk...6' long but I can only ever work in a 6" square clean spot right in the middle!  I would certainly be interested to see any other scenery taking shape around the room as well, the hint of it in those pics looks nice.



Chuck,  Thank you for the sites. Alot of stuff I can use...

Jerry, Thank you and good luck and please post some pictures for me.

Dan,   Here are a few photos from the On30 .......Randy




One more...


After looking at 100's of great photos (Thanks again Chuck) the eyes needed a break so back to modeling..

The area to the left side of the open sided addition had always looked kinda lame with just some leaning wood and barrels and crates lying there so .....Randy