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Yorke´s Brick Store

Started by lucas gargoloff, March 02, 2009, 07:03:44 PM

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lucas gargoloff

Thanks guys! Randy, here are closeups on what you ask. I have to work in the windows glases tomorrow. Just started to add a little shop in the back. More pics soon.

Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Lucas,  Thank you for the closeups!...Could you explain the coloring steps for sidewalk please....Thanks,  Randy

lucas gargoloff

Here we go... I will try to explain in my medium english...
As I said the sidewalk was done with an epoxi daugh, after it dried I draw division and breack lines with a knife. Then with an iron brush I made the texture. Finally sand all the surface.

For paint I started with Humbrol dark grey and mixing it with white.

Then I applied a wash with black ink and remove it inmediately. As final step I airbrushed with many Tamiya acrylics for give the look you saw in the closeup. Black near the lines and some grey tones in plain surfaces. And different brown tones for all.
Hope it helps.
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Lucas,  Thank you very much for sharing info, always helpful!!  On another matter, is the passenger car photo (on the other forum) showing a laser cut body under construction your creation or a kit?   Randy

lucas gargoloff

Thanks as always Randy!! Yes, the coach is a laser kit made from me in 0n30. They are coaches of La Trochita, a narrow gauge 30" line in hte far south of Argentina. I made it for me, but with insistence of friends, decide to do it as a kit.
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina

lucas gargoloff

I´m going slowly last days, but you can see some little progress in the brick store. Am building a back shop (only for personal use). Added a first coat of terrain for changing the MDF base look.

a few weeks ago I found this nice car from Heller 1/43, an easy kit to build and thought was a good idea to test some tips I learned here. Terrain is a friend´s H0 layout I visited last friday.

Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Hi Lucas,  Good to see progress on the store. The shop in back looks great.  The coloring on the details is really cool!

Can you give some details on the car please ?  What steps you used for the finish?  Thanks,  Randy


Hey Lucas!
wondered where you were.
Back shop looks good, a little to monochromatic, may be pick out some details here and there?
Not sure what exactly to recommend, may be darken the bench and the traffic areas?
May be some of the artists can make a suggestion?

The size of the ground cover really bothers me though, way too large.
I hope your going to go over it with some fine sand or something.

Lookking good though!


lucas gargoloff

Did some progress yesterday. As I said... It´s a sloooow work, but each time I work on this I really enjoy seeing the diferences.
comments will welcome as always!!

Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina


Hi Lucas,  Good to see you back on this,  really like the rusted car!!  but I'm not sure about the weeds, I think maybe this type of straight material does not look convincing when it is this tall. Maybe another layer of some kinda of plants or grass that are half as tall?  anyway...really looking foward to see what kind of signs and posters you use!!!   thanks for sharing this,   Randy


Let me start by saying the diorama is very good and puts you into a group of advanced modelers.

Now for my personal and subjective observations to try to help you do better next time: Too much grime. The rust is too blatant. The weeds don't work. The sidewalk looks like somebody deliberately painted it with a sooty wash.

What those comments boil down to is: Learn to be subtle.

When it comes to almost anything in art, less is more.

Please use my comments not as negative remarks but as ways for you to improve your approach. You have talent and skill. But all of us sometimes need a colleague's advice to help us improve. Some of my work has been "criticized to shreds" by my modeling friends and I was very grateful (although embarrassed) for their very direct remarks.

Now go build something new and do even better.


lucas gargoloff

Thanks guys!!! Never will take as negative, I´m learning and you guys are my inspiration!! Lots of good tips are here and few a day, try to look each and read hwat I need to have to do in the next project. I have a stone building, also from Tom Yorke´s, so will keep in mind what you said here.
Thanks again for help me to do better!!
Lucas Gargoloff - Argentina