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HO scale broom

Started by Bill Gill, February 11, 2023, 12:31:52 PM

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Bill Gill

Sometimes modeling time gets swept up in 1:1 stuff...
With only a moment available to "do something" I made a brand new broom that will be part of my hardware store inventory on display.
broom 1 small.jpg 


We could guess, of course, but would you like to tell us how you built it? -- Russ


Bill Gill

Russ, The plastic model broom in my scrap box has a handle about 6 scale inches thick, so this was a quick project to see if I could do a bit better.
The broom was researched and closely adapted from a worn out prototype in my basement.

The shaft is a piece of 0.01 inch bronze wire cut to exact scale length the bristles are a tiny piece of a yellow plastic bread tag cut to size and shape of new bristles. The plastic was sanded to thin it to scale thickness and round the edges then scribed to give it a bristly texture.

A slit was scribed on the backside of the broom head to accommodate the shaft which was superglued in place. A small blob of superglue at the top of the bristles was colored a metallic gray to represent the wire binding. A finely sharpened red pencil added the stitching. The shaft was painted with acrylics after carefully color matching the prototype.

It's my tiny tribute to, yes, Chuck's engine house broom from long ago ;)

Thanks, Bernhard. I realize that now I will have to replace all the handles on the shovels and the other hand tools that will be displayed near this one...single...broom. Oh the humanity!