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Hulett Ore Unloader in 1:32th

Started by Bernhard, February 08, 2023, 08:20:58 AM

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Do NZ Post drop ship from Europe? They used to have a depôt on one of the minor off-shore islands, but dunno about the mainland.
Kevin Crosado

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Quote from: Krusty on September 01, 2023, 01:52:56 AMDo NZ Post drop ship from Europe? They used to have a depôt on one of the minor off-shore islands, but dunno about the mainland.
I think so, but adds another layer of cost.

Mr Ali will provide. I'll have to make my own hold downs, but the ceramic plate and pins they'll do inexpensively.

Lawrence in NZ


Before we go any further, I'd like to say a few words about rivets. I have shown you here my new rivet punching machine. But now I can't just haphazardly punch rivet heads in somewhere. I have to take each drawing in hand and determine the rivet positions and the type of rivet (punched rivet head, rivet made of brass wire or model rivet).

Hulett 0131.jpg
Hulett 0132.jpg

This is quite a time-consuming job. For interest, I recorded in the parts list how many rivets there are per assembly. For the front tower, that's about 5,200 punched rivets and 670 pin rivets. And that's just the beginning!


Most rivets have a head diameter of 1.1 mm, corresponding to 7/8" rivets on the prototype. The brass wire used for pin rivets is rounded with a hollow cutter with 1.3 mm diameter. This way, the head is not exactly half-cornered, but a bit flatter, as it also corresponds to the prototype.

Now I want to show you how the riveted parts are created in detail.
First, all sheet metal parts have to go to the CNC machine again to drill the holes for the pin rivets.

Hulett 0133.JPG
Hulett 0134.JPG

Only 3 of the many holes for fixing the curved angles have a diameter of 1.1 mm. The angles are precisely positioned in these holes. The remaining holes get a diameter of 1.5 mm. This makes it easier to insert the pin rivets later.

Then the punched rivet heads are made first in the sheet metal parts.

Hulett 0135.JPG
Hulett 0136.JPG


Small parts are fixed to a sheet metal strip with Scotch tape for this purpose.

Hulett 0137.JPG

The angle profiles get punched rivet heads on both legs.

Hulett 0138.JPG

Now the necessary parts for the first side plate are ready.

Hulett 0139.JPG


Now the time-consuming assembly of the bent angles with pin rivets begins.
To do this, a few pieces of brass wire with a diameter of 1.1 mm are first rounded on one side with the hollow cutter.

Hulett 0140.JPG

The pins are put through the two angles and the sheet metal.

Hulett 0141.JPG

Then put some Loctite 648 on the tips of the pins and press them back with the tool on the bottom right. The pins now protrude only 0.5 mm.

Hulett 0142.JPG

Now pinch off the protruding ends with a side cutter. A piece of sheet metal 0.5 mm thick placed underneath ensures that enough material remains for forming the rivet heads.

Hulett 0143.JPG


Now only all rivet heads have to be rounded with the hollow cutter.

Hulett 0144.JPG

With this the first side plate of the front tower is ready, and can be held to the frame for testing.

Hulett 0145.JPG
Hulett 0146.JPG



There are a lot of great threads on this forum, but I alwys feel a burst of joy when I see that there is a new posting by Bernhard in this thread.

The riveted metalwork is a work of great beauty, no less.
Regards, Hauk
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Your work reminds me of something I say to my students in the machine shop trade
I have never regretted taking the time to do things more accurately.

Love your progress!

Bill Gill

Bernhard, Your dedication to adding the rivets is inspiring.


Your work gives real meaning to the maxim, "Either do it right or don't do it." -- Russ


Gasp with a sharp intake of breath - but it sure looks amazing !
Never Let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything
Stuart McPherson

Lawton Maner

Dramatic level of detail.  By the time you are finished you will have reached the highest level of nirvana.

I've reached the age where if the project has more then 100 rivets it will take longer then the time I have left, and I don't have the luxury of the tools you have! 


Hi Bernard .
Very impressive,the planning must have taken a long time.
cheers Kim