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Quai des Antlilles

Started by Sami, July 14, 2017, 01:44:12 AM

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Lawton Maner

I realize that this a work in progress, but the machine operator needs a wiping cloth in his back pocket, a coffee mug on the workbench, and an overflowing swarf can by the lathe.
On the other hand the walls have the beautiful texture of ceramic brick.  How were the walls made?   


Lawton, thank you for your advice ! I take note.

It will be difficult to reproduce a wipping cloth because the figure is already in place and glued. Especially since I work in 1/87

There is a tray with swarf under the machine.

Here three vidéos which I did on the bricks. Sorry it's in french.



As in another thread I've been playing with lamps the last couple of days.

Small, pre-wired, surface mount LEDs are useful of course.  However they do tend to be rather obviously LEDs, which can be a bit of a negative depending on the situation. 

In my case I wanted to model the bulb, so I encased the warm white LED in 5min epoxy.  This had the added benefit of making it a bit more robust and improving the insulation, without adding greatly to the size.

But the best bit is that the resultant globe looks and performs far more like an incandescent bulb, being far less directional and appearing very realistic.

I'll post some pics later.

Lawrence in NZ


Ok Lawrence, I'll go see your work.