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Help request concerning rail profiles

Started by Hydrostat, January 25, 2023, 11:46:57 PM

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Hello gentlemen and madams,

for a quite scale rail project of a friend I'm looking for a provider of NS rails Code 200 or close to that.

Unfortunately most providers don't disclose all measurements of the profiles. I'm asking you to check whatever you have in stock (as long as you can remember who made it  :D ). Crucial point is foot thickness. German provider Hegob has Code 200 in stock, but foot is to thick (see picture; all measurements in mm).


Something like max 0.5 mm (0.02 '') would be good. It's a bit tricky to take the measurements, nut no big deal. I used drills of different diameters and a magnifier to find out the inner radius at foot/web. Holding the drill in place and taking the measurment from foot bottom to drill allows deducing the centres of circles.

Unfortunately Nemec/Schullern doesn't exist anymore, who had an rather accurate Code 200 profile.

Thanks in advance and cheers,
I'll make it. If I have to fly the five feet like a birdie.
I'll fly it. I'll make it.

The comprehensive book about my work: "Vollendete Baukunst"

Lawton Maner

Try Micro Engineering in the US. They manufacture rail and flex track in a number of scales and gauges for the American market.  Also find one of the larger scale chat groups and see if any of the manufacturers might send you a sample of the rail they provide. 


Llagas Creek seems to be the only remaining scale rail company in the U.S. and their code 215 is now aluminum, not nickel silver. I have six feet of their old nickel silver track and could measure it if you want but it may have slightly different dimensions than the current rail. Their website: https://llagascreekrailways.com/collections/rail. -- Russ


I just bought Peco Code 200 rail sections here for my Hulett Unloader: https://www.weinert-bauteile.de/peco-gleise-il8-code-200-schienenprofil-f%C3%BCr-den-gleisbau-l=914mm-6-st%C3%BCck-peco-code-200-=-5-08mm-hoch,art-31493
The foot height is approx. 0.6 mm, but it is only 2.88 mm wide.