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1:35th Wilford power shovel B

Started by Bernhard, December 28, 2021, 07:18:45 AM

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Outstanding with a big Plus and an unusual subject  for 1/35th
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Stuart McPherson

Ray Dunakin

Magnificent!! Really great work -- it looks like someone could sit down, fire up the engine, and start shoveling! I like the paint and weathering too.
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Ray Dunakin's World

WP Rayner

Stunning work as usual Bernhard!

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Chuck Doan

Beautiful job Bernhard! Spectacular scratchbuilding!
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Bernhard-that is just an excellent piece of machinery!!

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Bill Gill

That is a terrific model, Bernhard!




Very nice job and good starting weathering !



You already know this kind of work belongs in my personal world to the category Science Fiction.
I havew seen every page and there is only one thing i can say:

DSC02509 by d.caso, on Flickr