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1:35th Hudson rail tractor

Started by Bernhard, March 03, 2021, 07:19:14 AM

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First test fit. Looks good to me after all!



Quality and precision you have it all - I admire your metal work its 1st class and the keeping to the prototype in all ways
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Stuart McPherson

Bill Gill

It is going together very nicely.


Impressive even at this stage. -- Russ


Very impressive step by step post. Love seeing metal working like this.

Going to be one fine looking rail tractor.

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Bernhard, you have just been able to take a moment to look at your very good contribution, even if only on your smartphone.  If you use etched folded profiles, you can bend them with a roller bender as this brass is softer.  However, milling out of a plate is the easier, better way, especially if you have a CNC machine like me.  Thank you for showing the creation of the model.
Regards Helmut
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Hello model building friends. Finally I can report here about the successful finishing of this project.

As drive for the rail tractor I use again the model from plusmodel.


It is equipped with some project-specific, scratch-built additional parts.


And with that, all parts are ready for painting.


The raised cast (3D printed) lettering on the center side balast plates I can hand paint only under a microscope.


The drive can be installed in the frame now.


The subtly weathered tractor is put on.


The inscriptions on the roof and the decorative stripes on the side panels are decals.


Finally, the model is ready to be assembled and weathered a bit.