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1:35th Muir Hill rail tractor

Started by Bernhard, December 02, 2020, 07:00:00 AM

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Chuck Doan

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shropshire lad

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Thanks for your feedback.

For the tractor, I again fell back on the model from Plusmodel.


This is now already the third model that I build. And each time I am more annoyed about certain inaccuracies of the actually otherwise good model:
The stub axles of the rear axle are crooked.
I tried to improve this by first milling the mounting surfaces in a jig and then drilling the axle holes.
The success was unfortunately only moderate.


In addition, the fuel tank is crooked on the base body of the tractor when viewed from the front.
This can be hidden to some extent by gluing a 0.25 mm thick shim to the contact surface of the tank support.


With a few tricks, the tractor was ready after all.


Now all parts are ready for painting and assembly.
The primer is done with a solvent-based varnish from Mr. Surfacer, ...


... the final painting with water-soluble paints from Vallejo.


Now the drive can be installed ...


... and the brake can be completed.


The tractor is built up, ...


... and finally the chain guards are mounted.