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A seat for the Diema DL8 (German light railway)

Started by fspg2, November 08, 2020, 12:04:14 PM

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The narrow gauge railway bacillus came to me many years ago - I had discovered this picture of an aged Diema DL8 light rail locomotive in the German Buntbahn-Forum: click

A colleague from the forum builds this Diema DL8 as a 1:10 model.

For this I redrawn the gearbox box,

Diema_DL8-Getriebe (fspg2)

that was printed very cleanly on a Formlabs 3 printer.

Diema_DL8-Getriebe_1zu10 (fspg2)

The Anycbic photon also gave very good results.

Especially if you only need one-off pieces, plastic printing is a great way to get an affordable result!

Anycubic_Photon_print-2 (fspg2)

Anycubic_Photon_print-3 (fspg2)

Anycubic_Photon_print-5 (fspg2)

Naturally you have a few more pressure levels with a $ 200.00 printer,  than the Formlabs 3, if you take a closer look.!

But now to the actual topic: A Diema DL8 also needs a seat!

After measuring an old original seat, Volker drew a model of it, which was sent to the printer as an STL file (Formlabs 3).

Diema-DL8-Sitz_1zu10 (fspg2)

The plastic used is very break-resistant, although the wall thickness is only 0.45mm!

However, I was very surprised as I received a small package from Volker a few days ago.

Contents: two small 1: 22.5 shapes of the Diema DL8 seat!

They were intended as a stamp and die plate to press this seat. Volker had intended the sheet metal to be 0.1 mm thick.

A quick experiment with an annealed 0.1mm brass sheet was not very successful - so 0.1mm copper foil was ordered and another experiment started by hand.

Diema_DL8-Sitz_01 (fspg2)

Diema_DL8-Sitz_02 (fspg2)

Diema_DL8-Sitz_03 (fspg2)

The above result looked so promising that I milled a couple of brass blocks to press it further, with which I achieve an accurate guide when everything is pressed vigorously in the vice.

Diema_DL8-Sitz_04 (fspg2)

Diema_DL8-Sitz_05 (fspg2)

Before doing this, however, the holes for the openings must be drilled in the two forms.

For this purpose, the corresponding points were printed on the back as markings.

A third brass frame will precisely align the parts on the vice.

Diema_DL8-Sitz_06 (fspg2)

Diema_DL8-Sitz_07 (fspg2)


Thank you for posting all those fascinating photos. The printed parts are gorgeous and so is the stamp and die tooling. What a treat! -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

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Bill Gill

Chuck Doan

Very impressive printing there! I really love this stuff.
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