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1:35th TACL rail tractor

Started by Bernhard, May 27, 2020, 01:39:11 AM

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The guides for the front axle are soldered to the lower part of the frame.


These parts also belong to the frame. But they are only mounted when the chassis is installed.


The two cast buffer plates with the raised inscriptions are real gems. They are 3D printed in plastic and they are really perfect.
Now the frame is ready for the assembly of the chassis. But first a few more parts have to be made.
(TACL 018 by Ben V.)


Lawton Maner

I love the soldering fixtures.  Can you post a picture of the clamps showing how the end fits into the pad?


I don't think we've ever had a forum member show us in such detail how to solder together small parts. Thank you. And who did the 3-D printing for you? -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

Nice work, and that printed piece is amazing!
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Chuck Doan

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Thank you guys for your interest.

Lawton, you can see the clamps at the bottom. In Europe, you can buy them here: https://www.fohrmann.com/de/loethaken.html
The adjustable stops, which are also very useful, I made myself.

Russ, I had the buffer plates printed up at Shapeways. The material is Fine Detail Plastic. I also thought about having them printed/cast in brass. But I'm afraid that the font would have been less good. The font is 1 mm high and 0.3 mm thick.


Lawton Maner

Thanks for the link.  The site has a lot of goodies which will make modeling easier.  Now I just need to speak the language before filling my toy box with new toys.


I'll make it. If I have to fly the five feet like a birdie.
I'll fly it. I'll make it.

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Top of the page right is a language symbol click on it for the English version  most pages these days come with language selection.



When I open it I get a warning that the website has been compromised.
Bill Hudson
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The tractor is looking Good - excellent workmanship with quality
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Lawton Maner

Thanks to all, now this is going to hurt my budget.