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recent modelling from KIM

Started by 1-32, March 25, 2020, 05:13:18 AM

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Hi all a new project
Lockdown challenge 2020
Put away your knitting and remotes we are all going into isolation,  let's do a bit of modeling and baking nice bread.
I and a good friend of this site have a mutual interest in river traders of the Congo River in Nigeria this is my version of one of those in 1/35 scale based on his excellent photo reference. It is not an exact copy of a steam-powered paddle steamer it is how it want to build it. My time frame is 3 months a very big job for 3 months material -anything paint finishes well let's see .
length 200 mm width120 mm height 118 mm.
cheers Kim


Looks interesting the virus should be over by then.  Hopefully.

Be following along!

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
George Carlin


You need to sculpt models of Humphery Bogart and Katherine Hepburn to man the boat. -- Russ


I wonder if there are plans out there for the original "African Queen" boat.
That would be fun to see... and build.


Thats Nice - Have you seen Murphy's War -Peter O'Toole  some lovely old Congo style stuff with dredger type boat with thatched roof workshop on board the deck  - loads of inspiration
Myself started a out of the box kit builds - but it did not last long - backwoods logging stuff a converted Liberty truck (war surplus ) in 1/35th



Funny I have just seen Bogart in a detective story in LA great scriptwriting tough lifestyle Camel plain cigarettes and a bottle of Gin.
My little boat would have been used on lakes or slow-running rivers and would have been built up using a collection of miss-matched items like the boiler wood-fired.Cargo would have been stored on the roof or a barge attached, sleeping accommodation -hammocks.
Because of its low water line, the hull is not a feature so I will start construction with the water wheel and engine room  . The engine room area will be made in one piece and placed in position when the hull is completed.
Please remember this is my design and there will be many flaws when viewed by a professional just live with it OK.
Thanks, everybody for your comments


This is one of the best bits of inspiration I have seen in some time - just love the drawings and the ideas - sod the perfectionist and the rivet counters
if it looks feasible do it (for all you rivet counters feasible means From the Oxford Dic' abel to be done)
Or as I have always called it "Freelance Prototype modelling" The inspiration you have given me has come at a good time just getting over a long term of Burning out - so last night out came the Murphy's War Dvd and tonight its the African Queen
Thanks again for the inspiration
For all Computer whizz kids a DVD is disc type of thing that you can own - Downloading is a dirty word here !!!   


Cheers Barney what is the saying Everybody to there own -something like that.
The boiler?
A friend pointed out if I used a vertical boiler instead of the one in the drawing it would give me more space on the lower deck a good point. When I get to that stage I will consider that but to my eye, it is a balance of spaces or volumes that get preferences and this style of boiler works very well in that space.

Lawton Maner

A vertical boiler would give you some space to stack firewood on the deck as well as a bit of cargo.  Every boat like this also needs a dog.

Bill Gill

to my eye, it is a balance of spaces or volumes... and this style of boiler works very well in that space
Works really well for me too.I like it!


I just came back from my Coron shelter (my workshop) and saw your new thread. Even the sketch is a small work of art. I am curious to see how it goes on.


Les Tindall

Looks like a fun project, the drawings are just great and inspirational. Australia had (somewhat larger) home-built wooden paddlers using Marshall engines, there are quite a few preserved at Echuca on the Murray River. I remember having dinner on the outside rear deck of one after dark captivated by the sparks coming out of the stack.  A bottle of Shiraz goes very well with the smell of wood smoke.

I'm have a somewhat "groundhog day" trying to get some bushes on the 1/19th scale model diorama look right.  I make them, go to bed, think about them - feel thy are not satisfactory , go back into the modelling room next morning and start all over again. I'm OK with rust and rivets but bushes just don't have those!!   Oh well - here we go again.



well, good luck everybody.
Here is the first bit the paddles frames 46 mm wide and the complete unit 68 mm wide. At first, I thought that I would only need the 2 end ones but looking at it needs on in the middle also just to make it look structurally sound.


Kim - I think your drawing should now be registered as a work of art !! every one  appears to love it - "BANKSY ART" is now second !! can you send us all  SIGNED copies

Les - Just keep shacking that bush boy - as in the film (Paul Newman ) - My version of wine on a summers evening goes like this
A pint of Best Lager at the Wheel Tappers & Shunters Club with a aroma of Cheese & Onion Cobs coming from the kitchens