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The Big Adventure.

Started by 1-32, June 20, 2019, 02:14:49 AM

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yes, 1/32 scale mosquitoes coming.
The edges of the cycle diorama backdrop need to be straightened up you can see the front edges are flaring out.
The big adventure in a shoebox?
The scene is of a retired gentleman sick of his family and western society in general who takes off in his mud boat. Through the swamp an old searchlight tower of a sunken battleship slowly becomes clear.m\Many years in a very humid environment has attached the tower and its paint scheme -looks really deserted but sinister in a near green environment -but no there is still a light on .
cheers Kim

Lawton Maner

Are you sure that that isn't the observation platform from a submerged UFO hiding from the black helicopters from area 51?


I'm pretty sure you're onto something important, Lawton. If Kim denies it, then he'd be all but admitting he's part of a space alien conspiracy! (My, oh, my! What's a forum administrator to do?) -- Russ



yep moving along.
work in progress these scenes are a combination of paint and found scenic materials. I have reworked the water to try and make it more like wet paper with a mixture of water and spirit-based paints added,

WP Rayner

Very interesting project Kim... enjoying seeing this story come together. Makes me think of Tony Joe White's song Polk Salad Annie...

Stay low, keep quiet, keep it simple, don't expect too much, enjoy what you have.


The foreground really brings the background to life. Nice work. -- Russ


Hello Kim, I enjoy tracking the progress.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal

Ray Dunakin

Looking good. I can easily imagine trying to row through that muck and getting algae draped over the oar.

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Ray Dunakin's World


Hi all.
Moving along painting and assembling some of the pieces-The Big Adventure in a shoebox.
Cheers, Kim.

Bill Gill


You really brought that searchlight thing to life. -- Russ

Marty J

I can almost feel the heat and bugs.
There's a story just lurking under the surface.
Great space.


Cheers everybody.
Looking at this image there is one main element at the moment that is bugging me that is the canopy on the boat -its too big and stops your view a barrier this and a few other things need to be fixed.
work in progress.
cheers Kim


I like it the way it is. If you got rid of the canopy you would bring out the search light tower to the foreground or in your face too much.  As it is, you must look through and beyond the canopy to discover hidden treasures.
Bill Hudson
Fall down nine times,
get up ten.