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A 1/48th building from around 19i0, but the Year is 1956

Started by Eric Green, February 05, 2019, 12:20:41 PM

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Eric Green

I've been bumping along with this.


Welcome Eric.

Glad to have you on board.

Nice start looking forward to your progress.

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Ray Dunakin

Excellent! Is that from a prototype or is it a freelanced structure?

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Eric Green

It is freelanced but attempts to follow logical building practices on the Maine Coast during the era up to 1956.  I find most model structures are built to represent drunks not carpenters.  Most builders back then were WAY better than what we have today.  So all these boards cut within a foot or six inches of where they should be cut is a mystery to me.  I think it is John Allen's fault. 

Do you guys have HUGE trouble posting photos?  No matter how small I make them, the site says TOO LARGE.

Eric Green

The copper finial.  Copper was really cheap in 1910.


Kind Regards

Modelling in sunny South Africa

Eric Green

Yes, it began as a kit.  I''m surprised you do not recognize it. 

Eric Green

Last attempt at posting a picture.


Looks like it might be from a Bar Mills kit. -- Russ