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The Scrap yard in 1/16th scale

Started by Barney, January 24, 2019, 09:26:50 AM

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Les Tindall

Sorry Barney, been away (holidays), just picked up the thread. Yes the derelict pump looks great. Some of those photos of the real derelict wagons make you think - what was it used for?  There you are - dioramas that lead to questions. 


Thanks everyone for your comments - rust on the rotten bits now being done - the rust on the pump is more coming from the inside and bubbling the paint up like the wings and sills of older cars but yes the bits were its total rot needs a rust effect on the top


Attended a meeting of the Slim Gauge Circle on Sunday - So I thought better show willing and  take a few bits and pieces -  I put parts of the scrap yard on a temporary
base - Not everything was "screwed down" so that it could be removed later to be installed on the bigger base board at a later date.
A few things not happy with the cogs on the stationary single cylinder engine I think are a bit course and need thinning down. The scene needs a bit more colour - started now making boxes of junk and more components with more colour e.g. starter motors /shelf brackets/engine blocks and old cans the list is endless but you have to make a start somewhere !!
So have a quick walk round the junk yard and keep your hands in your pockets -
Sign to be erected "Vandals and Thieves will not be prosecuted but next of kin will be informed"


And some more


I guess the operative question is whether the things you don't like really look bad ... or do they just look imperfect to you? Maybe a little more color (such as shrubbery) here and there but, as it stands, the diorama is rather adequate. -- Russ




Hello Barney,

scrap places have a special flair for themselves and you have succeeded very well from my point of view. Now it is the case, however, that it depends where the shotgun is located. In a desert it is very dry and therefore little or no green. In climatically wetter areas it looks very different and it can even occur that a tree has grown through such a scrap part. So everything is possible and nothing wrong, it only depends on where your junkyard should be located in.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Hi Barney.
looks like a well-balanced scene like the cover on the boiler chimney and the painting

Ray Dunakin

Looks pretty darn good to me!

If possible, you might try photographing it outdoors in natural light. That can helpful in determining if something is truly "off".
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