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DEMAG ML15 (engine locomotive with 15hp)

Started by fspg2, May 09, 2018, 11:32:44 AM

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First a Happy New Year!

The first bearing shells were milled out.

A pocket was milled 5.0mm deep into an MDF board and a 20mm x 8.0mm MS58 square bar was inserted.

Even if it was already sitting tight in the recess, I also drilled five 3.0mm holes. After wood screws fixed the rod, I could start.

Demag_ML15_Montage_147 (fspg2)

A total of 8 different drills and milling cutters were used.

Demag_ML15_Montage_148 (fspg2)

Demag_ML15_Montage_149 (fspg2)

During the last milling process, I left small retaining bars between the bearing shells and the residual material (fixed with the screws).

Before the final sandblasting, the retaining bars on a grinding wheel were removed.

Demag_ML15_Montage_150 (fspg2)




Perfect parts. A cnc machine like yours is a really practical thing.


Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

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Thank you very much for your kind words  :)

After I had inserted the first mounted axis into the milled test bearing block, an error on my part came to light.

I had specified the bevel gears in the CAD drawing with 10.2mm (instead of 10.5mm) and then drew the gear blocks . Everything fit there.

During assembly, the two bevel gears, offset by 90 °, sat very tightly - without any play - in the half-shells.
The remedy was that Achim kindly lend a hand again and put the two collars of the ball bearings on the outside. So I gained 0.5mm in the lateral displacement of the bevel gear on the axis.

Demag_ML15_Montage_156 (fspg2)

For the bevel gear of the central axis, I minimized the wall thickness by 0.5mm. Mounted in this way, both gears can be wonderfully adjusted to get a smooth run.

In addition, a recess was milled into the two upper covers so that the Allen screws of the bevel gears could be readjusted a little when screwed together.

Demag_ML15_Montage_153 (fspg2)

Demag_ML15_Montage_154 (fspg2)

The milling machine was busy at the weekend.

Demag_ML15_Montage_155 (fspg2)



I don't even know how you can design something that wonderful, let alone build it. Most adequate. --  Russ


It's always a pleasure to see your design and your perfect parts.