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1/35 scale Ransomes Portable Steam Engine

Started by Gordon Ferguson, December 23, 2020, 12:15:32 PM

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Gordon Ferguson

Well I actually finished this  :D ;D

If you are on FB , there are more and higher quality ( sorry Russ  ;)) here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3560474204040503&type=3
I have set it for Public viewing , so you should be able access

Anybody not on FB who wants more images posted here let me know and  I will sort


That's about as perfect as a model can be. Most satisfactory.

As for the facebook link, there's nothing wrong with augmenting a posted photo with a link to others. Our forum software has real limitations; as you all know, it would be very expensive to replace it and we'd lose about a decade's worth of photos, threads, and tutorials.



Excellent bit of plastic engineering - paint jobs nice to - what's next !!
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Stuart McPherson

Ray Dunakin

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Very clean styrene work and paintjob! I like it very much!!!
I have also seen your (?) fabulous Lanz tractor - in a Russian forum  ::) Hmmm... ;)

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Les Tindall

Really excellent stuff and a wonderful paint job. Thanks for the advice regarding the building of it, that has "spurred me on"  to build one in 16mm scale. Wheels done, now to start the boilerwork.


Gordon the engine is looking good and great tutorial. I would like to add what I have learned about cutting circles in styrene over the years. I start by drilling a small hole clear though the the sheet at the center. Just big enough for the cutters point to fit tight in the hole and go down into the cutting pad when cutting I make light cuts going around over and over keeping the cut grove uniformed then I turn the work over and cut from the other side if you can get a good cut on both sides you can break it apart with your fingers or finish with the cutting tool. I used a set of dividers (compass) for 30 years it more like scoring or scraping not cutting. The past 10-15 years I've been using the PAT.P cutter, and if you learn how to use this tool it dose a great job.
Drill a small hole (small drill bit and a pin-vice). #67-65 good for .030, ..040, ..060. Smaller drill for the thinner sheets.
Use a sharp blade.
Light cuts round and round over and over.
Hold cutter with your thumb and first two fingers at the top of the tool twist and reset  and twist and reset over and over until you finish the cut (light at first when you get a good grove going you can add pressure.)
Gordon Birrell



Thanks, Gordon. Very useful information. -- Russ


A great model, with really perfect paint job.



Gordon, your finish is first-rate love seeing your work.
cheers Kim.