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HO scrap household appliances

Started by Bill Gill, August 02, 2021, 10:08:09 AM

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Lawton Maner

DO NOT allow your son to name the recycling (politically correct name) center Sanford and Son.  ;D

Bill Gill

Lawton, well, he actually is using 2/3s of that name. The prototype his yard will be based on is:
R.K. Freeman & Son...
But, maybe  - per your earlier email - There could be a Redd Foxx with a den on the grounds.
At least that won't be the "big one", Elizabeth :)

(For non American members, the two posts above are full of early 1970s, American TV insider sitcom references
That Lawton can surely explain if you ask him  ;) )

Bill Gill

Here are a couple more scrapped washers & dryers.

WP Rayner

These are excellent Bill, especially given the diminutive scale. Looking forward to seeing the completed scene.

Stay low, keep quiet, keep it simple, don't expect too much, enjoy what you have.


After I retired at the ripe old age of 53 I needed something to do....So I started Scraping I really liked the mad money I made every week  ;D And the scrap yards I went to had Massive Piles of metal must of scraped Hundreds of Water heaters/ washers & dryers  ;)

Bill Gill

Craig, You're right, I found lots of photos of mounds of metal, and some of heaped up mounds of appliances or others stacked carefully, but much higher than you'd think they ought to be. The scrapyard Will will model was medium size, and aerial photos seem to show a cluster of appliances near a hydraulic crusher, so I hope I won't have to make a bazillion to capture the scene.

Lawton Maner

Make the outer ones like you are doing now and the inner ones just painted blocks which have been weathered.  In fact, since you are going to stack them, most only need one side to look  like an appliance.