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Airfix - Four Stroke Engine.

Started by Andi Little, January 10, 2013, 06:03:56 AM

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Quitcher bellyachin' and keep working; it looks good. -- Russ

Andi Little

Still messing about with this, and actually it's a delight. A cracking kit, very reminiscent of its age but non the worse for that.

There's been lots of "working-ahead" clean-up and the such like, making sure parts are ready for paint and assembly. So this is not so much a big fancy update but more of a pictorial of the processes. Most should be pretty self explanatory? But ask away if you fell the need.

I do apologise for the pic's, they seem a bit big because I always size at 750pixels but of course these are "portrait format" for the large part - soz!!

Here you go ...................

Gratuitous shot playing with the little lathe, nothing fabulous just turning down the filler used to pack out the inside of the cams.

Shot of the gear chain. I've tried to allude to the turned effect of the gears but the effect is a bit too subtle here - slightly better in the flesh.

A quick shot of the interior.

And another - does show the cams and followers off though. ..... I must say these large pic's are merciless!

Second casing in place [not permanently yet].

And the barrel on top.

A a quick walk around .............

So, just a little bit scruffy I know! - but most of the attention has gone on the "engineering" side of things [I use the term loosely of course].
But, and this is important to me - even though this is just dry assembled it turns over with a satisfying ease - not loose ... but just right.
The details will be cleaned up now - a rub down and final coat of paint. Some of the nicks and bumps you spied are being left as I want to have a go at revealing the usage something like this sort of teaching aid might of accrued 
- not with standing the fact that it will be used for this exact purpose - well playing with anyway!!

PS - only thing of important note for those that might try one of these -- I spent a lot time "adjusting the tappets" by shortening the pushrods - this stops them trying to pop the head off. This should sit flat with the followers "off cam". My rods eventually were fitted measuring 75.5mm .

KBO..................... Andi.


Looks perfect to me!
Looks like many I have seen in many auto shop classrooms.
Nice to hear how it turns over.

michael mott

Andi the work is coming together very well, and I am green with envy looking at the little (Boley)? lathe.


Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World

Andi Little

Not a lot to show for the efforts extended recently? - But I'm hoping that I shall be able to make better headway now?

So here's a small update showing the block, barrel and head: all buttoned up now. It turns over lovely, an operation that played no small part in the extended preparation times.
I won't go into any long explanations as to what I've been trying to achieve so far - most of it is obvious to characters as accomplished as you folk, as is my struggles to achieve same!!

Here you go then ............

Until next time then ..........................
KBO..................... Andi.

Chuck Doan

That came out nice Andi! Hope the valve train holds up against those springs.
"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt



I can just hear it "popping & purring"!
Lots of fun!


An adequate step forward. -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Kind Regards

Modelling in sunny South Africa

Andi Little

Here you go then cheps!

Finally put this one to bed - and it's been great fun, a really enjoyable piece of modelling. Nothing too exalted of course but I had a good time - although I'm hoping of course it gets a general blessing??

No fancy descriptions then just a few pic's - ask if you feel the need though?

As can be seen I've tried to forgo the highly polished bit of kit route - but rather go for the look that I remember our Science lab cutaway engine had! - heavily used with countless grubby fingers pawing it daily. Evidence of constant strip-downs and even the occasional hand-painted rebuilds.

Tried hard also to make a reasonable fist of the look of the raw metalwork, some with a bit of surface rust others well finger polished. I didn't take an age to photograph it so consequently the metal effects don't feature to highly but in mine own defence they do look a little bit better in the flesh - ish!

There you go then! Time for another project methinks.
KBO..................... Andi.


Andi -
Please share the technique you used to get the nice bare metal effects.


Gordon Ferguson

That is bloody fantastic Andi, no way could you tell it has a plastic base.

I just love the various surface finishes on both metal parts as well as the painted bits, as well as the superb rendition of rubber on the spark plug boot.

1st class mate!

Now, you have got back to the bench and had a really good warm up lets see your painting skill unleashed on that Bedford Van........ Please.