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1:48 Scale Auto Repair Garage

Started by finescalerr, November 20, 2022, 04:58:12 PM

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I should have built that structure .... -- Russ


Funny that picture popped up, just yesterday I was looking at a model of that structure, in N scale.


Russ thanks for the printer info...your model is no longer made so I went down the rabbit hole of looking at/for printers.


I doubt you would need a printer like mine for modeling or normal use. I bought it when I was doing a lot of photography for my publishing business. Paper Creek produced all their kits with three or four Epson home/office printers that used Claria ink and handled only 8.5x11 paper. -- Russ


Nice garage and good design Russ !

Ray Dunakin

Very cool. It's amazing how much can be achieved with this technique.
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Hey Unc

Don't know how I missed your building.  That really came out nicely.  You certainly have mastered the art of paper building.

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Stuart,  I haven't seen that picture of that Sinclair station in years I think i have that photo in my picture files ;D  What caught my interest in that photo was the front doors and the painted early Sinclair sign..... Nice  ;)

Rail and Tie

As some guy says here on this forum somewhere ...  "adequate" ... or is it "satisfactory" .... or something like that!

Nice, super-clean work!

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