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(finally) getting inspired!

Started by lab-dad, December 04, 2011, 04:55:19 PM

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Malachi Constant

Yowza!  You're definitely getting into the larger scale there and taking advantage of the all the opportunities to really "go for it" ... neat!  -- Dallas
-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


I'm jealous of your progress. I have spent the past three weeks in obnoxiously painful drudgery, restoring Mal Ferrell's 155 (or more) Argent Lumber Company photos for the upcoming Logging Annual. A horrendous job, but it's finally done.

Nice work, young Martin.

Happy New Year everyone.



Yes young Martin.  Excellent!!!!

Have you started the addition to the house yet??????

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  this is coming along very nicely. do you have the Western Scale model as reference. If so a photo of the two will give a nice idea of size.

  why did you make the cutter knives from plastic and not in polished steel or nickelsilver ?
  Will you dress up the frame openings with flanges, the edges do look a bit rough IMHO.

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It all gets painted so materials dont really matter.
I dont actually intend to cut with it!
Yes the frames are rough still needs work and soda blasting.
No flanges on the original.
I do have the WS one but it is not built.
This one is 3 times bigger.

michael mott

The work is moving right along, an interesting project all around.



While not the best picture (iphone) this is the start of the Left side belt shifter.
I'm currently working on the linkage that goes through the base to "shift" the belt on each side.
This is what makes the table go back and forth.



www.Vectorcut.com parts arrived!

Can't wait to get them put on!
The funny darker shape in the bottom is the guide for placing the letters on the side of the frame.
Now I have no excuse for screwing them up!


Chuck Doan

"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt



Hey Marty,
Very nice build so far...you should be able to do service call outs to machinery shops by the time you finish this one.  Hats of to Dave as well for some fine laser work as well...just the sort of details that will make this piece "pop".  That letter space is a pretty cool idea.


Malachi Constant

Real nice!  I've got some custom letters and the handy-dandy spacing guide from Dave for a project ... might have to shoot him an email for another little bit.  Those bits will add a lot of "zing" -- Dallas
-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com

Mr Potato Head

Nice vector cut letters! but what are the hot dogs for? ::)
Gil Flores
In exile in Boise Idaho

Ray Dunakin

Nice laser work, and the template for laying out the letters is brilliant!
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Ray Dunakin's World


Marty, that stuff by Dave will really ice the cake you are baking. What a great combination of talent! -- Russ

michael mott

Marty, really nice sheet of stuff, what sort of costs are involved, and what sort of files do you need to generate, and what is the thickness and material is it..... Will he ever stop asking questions?