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1:22,5 Gmeinder 10-12PS/German Feldbahn

Started by fspg2, March 01, 2011, 11:17:35 AM

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after trying to start a new thread unsuccessfully, I post here.

I was just a silent reader and admirer of many great model buildings here in this forum. There are true artists among you.
Four years ago I was infected with the virus in field railway track by Marcel Ackle and Chuck Doan. From this time i´m building in scale IIf (1:22.5) a little bit.
Paul gave a link last year to buntbahnforum where I shows my activities.

I´m sorry, my English is not so much in practice, please excuse in using Google translator.

Parallel to my project  "Felbahnmodule with ship " I build a small Gmeinder 10-12PS - Feldbahnlok in time.

Meanwhile, after several attempts with the bending radius, a 5th Version has been milled.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Biegehilfe_04 (fspg2)

Seven discs - on three Ms-2mm rods lined up - enough for the hood of the Gmeinder 10-12PS. The left and right halves of the bending have three different radii, as necessary, to repair the hood, a bending template without the need to mill new.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Biegehilfe_05 (fspg2)

The rods are a little bit longer - with another disk, I can handle the 18-20PS Gmeinder.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Biegehilfe_06 (fspg2)

The first bending test with a new 0.3 mm Ns-sheet was very satisfactory, so I dared myself to an etched plate. However, I broke this test quickly, because in the recesses, the sheet was partly unsightly creases. I also had used only a thin sheet-adhesive film for fixing and my hands kept it. I'm going to a better fixation of the vertical side next time, so they will not cant when pushed.
Then I annealed the sheet, however, I was already much closer to my ideas.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Biegehilfe_07 (fspg2)

After bending the left side I stretch the second at the same way. Thus I have mutually perpendicular leg always rest on the table.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Biegehilfe_08 (fspg2)

Yesterday the soldering iron was hot. In contrast to my first planning one Pertinax disc is enough to fix during soldering.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Loetlehre_04 (fspg2)

A further Pertinax internal template has already been milled so that the subsequent assembly of the outer angle can all be aligned in parallel.

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Loetlehre_06 (fspg2)

Gmeinder_10-12PS_Motorhaube_Loetlehre_07 (fspg2)

Although I have used 0.3 mm Neusilberblech only, front panel seems to me quite thick in comparison with the original! However, with the naked eye I can hardly notice it, so about the double standard in the photo is deceptive.
If the above structure is completed once, it should look like the locomotive of the Light Railway Museum Hildesheim/Germany.

Gmeinder_10-12_Seite_1 (fspg2)

By sighting of some small videos, I could once again listen the sound.
The quality from the small digicam is anything but exhilarating. So the next time I will be equipped better to take sound.


W.P. Rayner

Welcome to the forum and glad to see you posting here Frithjof. I've been following your inspiring builds on the Buntbahn Forum for some time now.  Looking forward to seeing more...



Frijthof, wenn du ehmals noch mehr probleme mit dem Foren hast schreib mir ein email oder eine PN....helfe gerne wo ich kann.

.....u. wie shon oefters gesagt....was diu da zauberst ist denn absoluten Hammer! Bin immer Voellig begeistert!

I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....


mad gerald

Hi Frithjof,

now this will keep you quite busy (apart from excellent modelling) ...  ;D ... reporting in one more forum ...

Kind regards,

Malachi Constant

Frithjof --

Welcome!  These are excellent and inspiring techniques.  The resulting model is outstanding!

Looking forward to more of your projects.

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


Hello Russ, Paul, Marc, Gerald and Dallas,

first of all many thanks for the nice welcome.
Also thanks to Marc's fast help - now I can write new topics.
First I've changed the title of this thread. I will report here about my little Gmeinder 10-12PS light railway locomotive.

Gmeinder10-12_Zeichnung_06 (fspg2)

Gmeinder10-12_Zeichnung_07 (fspg2)

In later time I will tell you on my subject "Feldbahnmodule with ship" in a new thread.



I there Frithjof,

Great work on this project, I've been following your work on the other German forum and I've been borrowing some ideas since I also use a CnC in the modeling projects.

I like your 3d work a lot, what program do you use?


Thanks so much for showing the steps involved!
Really enjoyed seeing the work, much appreciated!

Chuck Doan

"They're most important to me. Most important. All the little details." -Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt



Thank you for your approval.

The drive for the Gmeinder 10-12 PS I redesigned a few days ago. The programs I use are Inventor, Sheetcam and Mach3.

By using an adapter plate I can replace the 21-pin decoder quickly, even if it causes problems.

A total of six parts are milled to:

The material are square brass profiles (20mm wide, 5mm and 8mm high). These are attached to a vise.

For spanning the vise on my milling machine in the same position at any time, I have mounted it on a Pertinax plate. After that the clamping jaws were flat-milled.

Gmeinder_10-12_Getriebedeckel_01 (fspg2)

Here's a short film of milling the plates.

One hour later (with five-time drill- and cutter-change) the first two gear covers were finished.

Gmeinder_10-12_Getriebedeckel_05 (fspg2)

Gmeinder_10-12_Getriebedeckel_06 (fspg2)



I am really enjoying this thread!
You have set the bar very high!

mad gerald

Hi Frithjof,

great work ... (as usual  ;D ) ...

Quote from: fspg2 on March 31, 2011, 02:57:09 AM
... The drive for the Gmeinder 10-12 PS I redesigned a few days ago ...

... does "re-designed" that mean, it would fit my Struppe Akkulok now too ... ?  ;)

And how are you going to mount the gearwheels to the axle(s)? Fix them with superglue ... or are they going to be adjustable (with a screw), so you could swap them in case of damage ...?

Kind regards


Ummm... Wow.  This is beautiful stuff - I seriously am not even sure at the full scope of what is going in here - but it is amazing to look at... the art, the tools, the execution.  I'm going back over to my darkened corner now and continue to scratch out ideas on the back of an old board  ;D

"Did I mention this is a bad idea?"


Great work Frithjof, most of all wonderful engineering.

Thanks for naming the programs, they are all very advanced ones and require a lot of knowledge to work with. I'll stick with the Sketchup/Corel Draw - Aspire - Mach3 combination, more hobby oriented and easier to work with.

Hats off to you for using this kind of technology in Model Railroading, it's really great to watch a project like this take shape. Looking forward to your next installment.