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Wooden house diorama

Started by Per Olav Lund, January 13, 2011, 12:02:13 AM

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Per Olav Lund

Thanks for the info guys!
Interesting links on the Peashooter!

Quote from: jacq01 on January 25, 2011, 02:55:31 AM

      do you have more information on the tiles used on the building ?  A website or store name where I can purchase them ?


Hi Jacq
Here is a link to the shop where I bought them, http://www.sockelshop.de/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=230&products_id=22350
I think I will use a mix of plastic, epoxy putty and brass for the mc

Per Olav

Per Olav Lund


Some more work is done, the groundwork is mostly done and I have started on the figures and the Harley D.

The HD is made using brass, plastic, balsa wood (gasoline tank) and photo etch from Abers bicycle set.

Here is some pics of the progress:


Nice progress Per Olav. That HD should turn out real well - an impressive model in itself.

Anders ;D

W.P. Rayner

Very nice work Per... it's a pleasure to witness progress on this. Excellent progress on the Harley track bike.... really looking forward to seeing that in it's finished state.



Nice Harley, Per Olav,

Paul's description of the type of bike and that photo make this thing sound like a real death rocket... and does the guy with the car have Chewbacca riding shotgun???

Always a pleasure to follow where your imagination has taken you  ;D  The finish on the house is up to your usual amazing standards... I'm assuming this will end up in Folkstone this year?  I've missed the last couple, but would really like to get back over.  Beautiful vignette.



"Did I mention this is a bad idea?"

Malachi Constant

Beautiful work on the diorama and the bikes ... really enjoying your work and the inspiration that comes from it!  -- Dallas
-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
Email me on the "Contact Us" page at www.BoulderValleyModels.com


Thank you for posting. -- Russ


Very nice indeed Per.  Thanks for posting your progress.

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George Carlin

Per Olav Lund

Thanks guys!

Paul, I dont think I will manage to go to Folkestone this year.

sorry about the bad quality of the shots, but managed to get the second civilain ready for paint, its a modified Friendship figure.

The German rider is primed and I choose a Hornet head with a rather surprised and impressed look, the  papers under his right arm is of course some newly confiscated good old biker magazines, this German is defenately a HD fan!  ;D

Per Olav


    this is becoming a great 3D story.
    Love it

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Looks like it could be springtime for Hitler and Germany.


Well thank goodness it's spring anyway. Per, is that a cast iron wood stove stuck in the very back corner? A wonderful scene for sure. Thanks for bringing your progress to us.

shropshire lad

Quote from: chester on March 18, 2011, 07:55:22 PM
Well thank goodness it's spring anyway. Per, is that a cast iron wood stove stuck in the very back corner? A wonderful scene for sure. Thanks for bringing your progress to us.

  To hell with the cast iron stove , it's that bone next to the kennel that worries me . It looks distinctly human !


Per Olav Lund

Hurrray the Nazis is gone!

And guess what?, they left behind their cool bikes  ;D

Some small changes in the set up. The scene is no set after the liberation and one of the locals is showing his newest piece with the kings emblem painted on the sidecar.
The little boy had a terrible accident hitting the floor after a fall off the desk, the bike was saved but not the kid  :(

Just some minor details left before I call it finished.

The name of the dio is simply "New owner"

Per Olav