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Fire truck of 1974 1:87 scale models.

Started by Design-HSB, May 07, 2011, 05:48:57 AM

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Before my application I've already read many posts here in the forum.
Since I'm registered here I have this continued with enthusiasm.
Now I did not subsequently write everywhere how great I thought it was.
Especially in the small scales since excellent shows.
Therefore I was looking out by 2 fire models that I built 1974th.
These models I want to dedicate a symbolic show of gratitude and appreciation for the already paid by you and.

Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal



Quote from: finescalerr on May 07, 2011, 01:05:19 PM
They are beautiful. -- Russ
Yes Russ,

I have put these models in 1974, unfortunately, and I accidentally got the only two fire engines.

This is Jordan HIGHWAY MINIATURES who they think of?

The model arose from the KIT No. C221 AHRENS-FOX PUMP & HOSE CAR.

KIT law No. C-208 1913 FORD MODEL T FIRE TRUCK then to $ 1.75

My models were already out in front of the Styrene kits were still partly made ​​of pressed sheet metal.

But I have actually found a link to the WWW.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Very nicely done, both of those Jordan kits. And yes they have been around for quite some time now. Your version of the Model T is much more refined than mine.

Ray Dunakin

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Nice work, Chester. While it would seem most fire engines should look brand new, yours has a real charisma about it. -- Russ

Frederic Testard

Frederic Testard


While I was building 1974 models, I've certainly wondered whether I should make an artificial aging.
According to everything I have from Europe to get originals of these firefighters to see cars, which always looked like brand new.
I simply could not imagine that there is such a fire truck in dirty and that would be for me was unrealistic.

So my question, there may also be really rotten fire trucks as original?

Quite apart from our German TÜV auditors would die of heart failure in America to see if they were, since what may go on the road.  ;)
I have worked for over 40 years for an American company and could understand our German safety regulations must never.  ::)
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Helmut. Most fire trucks that I have seen are well-maintained by their crews. I imagine that is at least in part due to that a fire department always has newbies .. and cleaning and polishing are where they start. I imagine that once the truck leaves that environment for being parked outside a railroad engine house or somesuch that the level of attention can well drop quite a bit.
Ed Traxler

Lugoff, Camden & Northern RR

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Helmut, like Ed said most departments devote a lot of care to their trucks but some fall into disrepair for whatever reason. These are down the road from me.

And thanks for the kind words Russ.


Hi Ed and Russ,

thanks for the information.
As explicitly mentioned are my models from the year 1974 and with my current possibilities and knowledge, I would do maybe different in many ways.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal