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Photo of The Day

Started by marc_reusser, December 18, 2009, 06:08:01 PM

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like most of you i have models that have been finished or never will be  finished.i dont want to start a individual heading,is photo of the day is the best place?cheers


Is that a new model? -- Russ



Great photo Kim, where could you take it?
Regards Helmut
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Quarter Gauger 48

Wow, great shot'...looks like an Osprey nest'..


The crane hoist looks like it was built from Erector Set pieces.
Nice photo.
Dave Mason
D&GRR (Dunstead & Granford) in On30
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Just shows there is a prototype for every model!   Great rust!!
Les T


Anyone know what this is?  I spotted it along the road in Farmington, New Mexico.
Eric Zabilka
Lexington, Kentucky

Quarter Gauger 48

I think it may be the hoist mechanism that lowered and raised the elevator car in a mine.
I don't see a boiler, but it may also been the main pulley that operated all the belts for a stamp mill'.


It may be a portable well drilling rig.
Darryl Huffman
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My guesses were along the same lines.  It has pulleys that could be used for long lengths of cable, and the large flywheel suggested to me that the cable(s) would be starting and stopping while the rest of the mechanism continued to spin.  I couldn't tell though if the wheels and such were originally part of the thing, or added later to move it around. 
Eric Zabilka
Lexington, Kentucky


Water well drilling rig, folded up.
Bill Hudson
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get up ten.

Ray Dunakin

Looks like the remains of a walking beam drill rig. I have photos of a very similar rig, modified and mounted on an old Chevy truck, which was abandoned in the desert near Roosevelt Well, NV and moved a few years ago to Gold Point, NV:


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Ray Dunakin's World

Quarter Gauger 48

Ray, what does a walking beam drill do?


Looks very similar to Ray's!  I knew you guys would know!
Eric Zabilka
Lexington, Kentucky