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Another tractor

Started by Les Tindall, November 12, 2020, 01:37:59 AM

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Les Tindall

Purchased on Ebay the Minichamps Hanomag tractor in 1/18th scale (now out of production but near enough in scale to my 1/19 diorama). It is a die-cast/plastic model based on the R28 tractor of 1953 and comes in a hideous orange but it has some nice engine detail.   A weeks worth of spraying and weathering brought it up to a reasonably acceptable model.   Before and after photos


That is a nicely detailed tractor and I like the color change from hideous orange to hideous light blue. Nice weathering, too. -- Russ


Very Nice It will work well on the diorama - nice faded blue
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Stuart McPherson

Ray Dunakin

Well done! That's a huge improvement.
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Les Tindall

Its a pity that die-cast models always seem to have an inch thick layer of paint on them.  It would be good if the manufactures (such as Universal Hobbies) issued unassembled, unpainted models, though I guess they sell them to people who just put them on a shelf as "ornaments" and are not modellers

Bill Gill

 "It would be good if the manufactures (such as Universal Hobbies) issued unassembled, unpainted models..."

But, Les, then we wouldn't have the opportunity to see how good a job you did overcoming that mess :) The model looks like it has a lot of nice detail and your repaint/weathering certainly enhanced the appearance.