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Hog Islander Ships Hull Plating

Started by MT Hopper, September 10, 2014, 03:15:21 PM

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MT Hopper

Well I've tried the books and other Fora so I'll finally try here. Does anyone here happen to know the hull plating method used on the Hog Islanders?
At first it seemed as if the hulls were In Out rivet plated. Then Clinker then Lap Straked. Then it seems more as if they were flush plated with flush riveting. Considering it was WarTime I'm guessing the Flush Plate with Flush rivets. I gather welding was too slow and still in its childhood at that time so FAST production was required (although the Hog just missed WWI it was used in WWII).

From the Heart of the Continent


Hi ya - definitely not my area of interest, however out of curiosity did a bit of poking around:


from various other sources it appears flush plate and rivet was the accepted standard at the time.