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When I was on the Dark Side

Started by Bernd, August 22, 2021, 08:16:26 AM

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Way back when I was on the "Dark Side" I got involved in On2½. I actually started working on a layout. I then discovered that you can't have an interest in three different scales (O, HO, & TT)  and accomplish any kind of large size layout. I have approximately a 2000sq. ft. area in the basement allocated for an HO scale layout. But while making this decision to go with only one scale I was in the process of building two protolanced diesel boxcabs in On30. After they were finished I gave them to Bill Petersen(?) (aka Geezer) He finished one off, repainted and decaled it. The first picture shows the engine that I sent him. The roof is in it's original position. Bill turned the roof 180 degrees when he owned the engines.

Here are four pictures of one of the boxcabs. No idea what happened to the other one.

The boxcabs were built on HO scale SD40 trucks. If there is interest in an SBS I'd be more than happy to write it up and post it.


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TT? Can you tell us about your TT modeling?


Quote from: Ray Dunakin on August 22, 2021, 07:37:57 PM

Thanks Ray. I believe I did a write up on that other forum on this project. I can do that again here.

New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds