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The Yard

Started by Les Tindall, April 02, 2021, 10:57:43 AM

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Les Tindall

As promised some photos of "The Yard" a 16mm scale (1/19) diorama  that has featured in the background of some of my recent builds.  It represents a small workshop yard in the UK set in the 1960's repairing/overhauling narrow gauge equipment, the idea being to include anything I fancied making.  It has been over two years in the making and has become rather "busy" in the amount of items now incorporated. First shot is a birds eye view of the diorama.

Les Tindall

Another view. The loco on the left is the restored 18inch gauge Ackroyd loco from Woolwich Arsenal depicted on a low loader after being rescued from a farm in Essex and heading for the Woolwich Arsenal Museum. It is surrounded by a battery loco (a model from Barney) and a Ruston diesel awaiting repair in front of Mr F. Needham's "Old Lane Works".

Les Tindall

The "storage" area,  basically a load of odd and sods such as two winches, a marine engine (foreground) - a 3D printed item from Shapeways  and a compressed air loco on the left (again from Barney) and the Ransomes portable (extreme left)(

Les Tindall

Last shot of the right side of the diorama with the Ruston again, another battery loco from Barney, a lathe and drill press (white metal kits) and a few engine units laying about.


Adequately exquisite. -- Russ

shropshire lad

Looks like you are going to have to have a yard sale , or build an extension to the diorama . I think this might be a prime example of "less is more" .



Superb- excellent - you have certainly put the hours into that one - its got atmosphere plenty of it - I'v been to so many places like it through the years and they are certainly still around complete with very knowledgable people who work there - with that saying  "I'v got one here somewhere I remember putting it here in 1950"  O for the good old days - No Jpegs or browsers just shere knowledge
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Stuart McPherson


What a great collection of machinery!
I'll make it. If I have to fly the five feet like a birdie.
I'll fly it. I'll make it.

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